Short Women Haircuts 2021

1940s Glamour with a Short and Angled Bob Cut

Get some 1940s Glamour with this short and angled bob cut, which offers lots of volume while framing the face beautifully. A stunning blonde-to-brown ombre fade is featured here for added drama. A long highlighted fringe adds playful girliness that keeps it feminine and girlish.

Eye-Catching and Versatile Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is ideal for women looking for an eye-catching, modern haircut with versatility in styling options. Achieving this cut will save your daily schedule and make you feel more self-conscious; it may boost confidence levels too! A layered pixie can look charming and adorable when styled with the appropriate hair color. A whitish hue in this layered pixie gives its sides short yet shaved sides while giving volume to its crown. Though this pixie has some rebellious elements due to its shaved sides, Michele Weaver still looks beautiful. The wavy top provides texture and various styling options, such as side-swept bangs.

Timeless and Versatile Bob Haircut

The Bob has been an increasingly popular women’s haircut for over a century and remains so today. This versatile feminine cut can be worn straight or wavy and looks great on all hair types, notably thicker strands! Additionally, its versatility makes it an ideal option for summer, as it will keep your neck cool without forcing you to tie your locks constantly. Try a textured bob if you want a chic, modern look like Jourdan Dunn’s. It’s simple to style, quickly transitioning from daytime tasks to an evening out on the town with this short women’s haircut. Add bangs if desired for an added layer of sophistication!

Embracing Natural Texture with an Afro

Afros are an excellent option for black women who wish to embrace their hair’s natural texture and express it through fashion. An Afro can range from being bold and trendy to elegant and sophisticated depending on its styling; plus, its maintenance is simple, with just regular moisturization and daily conditioning needed to care for it properly. Short textured pixie cuts are another chic option for black women looking for short hairstyles. This trend combines movement from its texturized top with a straight part at the front for maximum face elongation and rounder face shapes; particularly, Chesnut-colored strands look great in this cut! If you love Afros, try opting for a bob with angled layers for extra dimension and interest. This style will bring out your jawline and cheekbones, further enhancing your face’s features.

Stand Out with a Buzz Cut

If you want a short women’s haircut that stands out, the buzz cut could be precisely what’s needed to do just that. Perfect for acceptable hair types and easy to maintain, this style can even feature splashes of color for extra impact; try pairing your shaved style with something like lavender for an eye-catching effect! If you want to upgrade your buzz cut, opt for longer layers at the top for a fuller appearance. This allows you to experiment with products like pomade and men’s sea salt spray to customize your style further. Or try sporting your shaved style with curtain bangs for an eye-catching face-framing effect, ideal for diamond and square-shaped faces.

Adding Shape and Volume with a Layered Cut

Layers can add shape and volume to straight hairstyles, framing your face while emphasizing cheekbones. For those with bob haircuts, create feathered ends which can easily be styled using either brush or fingers for effortless looks. Layered cuts are a great way to emphasize your hair color. A layered pixie can look cute and casual or sophisticated when styled with bangs and sun-kissed balayage. At the same time, for something more dramatic, consider opting for angled layers on short bobs for an edgier finish. These versatile layers look exceptionally sleek with silky straight locks!