5 Trendy Hairstyles For Short Wedding Hair

1. Accessorized Pixie with Side Part

Girls with short pixie cuts can add flair to their locks by accessorizing with extensive accessories. Once complete, they can create an appealing side part and lift their bangs for an eye-catching style.

2. Chic Bob or Pixie with Curls

On a wedding day, brides-to-be often opt for a chic bob or pixie cut with charming curls to make her even more striking. Accessorizing with an exquisite starry tiara is another fantastic way to enhance her appearance and overall aesthetic.

3. Asymmetrical Pixie

Make an impressionful statement on your big day with an asymmetrical pixie hairstyle. Featuring a deep side part and wispy bangs, this hairstyle will help highlight your bold personality! Additionally, it pairs beautifully with sparkling white flower accessories.

4. Low Stacked Bob

Women with thin hair can benefit from a low-stacked bob with chin-length peek-a-boo bangs and stacked layers in the back that provide height and volume, highlighted with sophisticated colors like platinum blonde. Add dimension and drama to your bob by styling it with a side part that exposes more of the face.

5. Curly hair with Bangs

Curly hair can look adorable and trendy when combined with bangs, making this style all the more cute and stylish. An asymmetrical pixie with side-swept bangs is a delightful look, while this rich red hue adds flair and charm. To achieve this fun and trendy style, find a stylist experienced with cutting bangs on curly locks to achieve this unique and fashionable style.

6. Vintage 19th-Century Hairstyle

Many fabulous vintage hairstyles are timeless classics that never go out of fashion. Women during the 1800s typically styled their hair in an updo style with a center part and either braids or twists for added flair. Instead, try tucking back long hair for an elegant vintage style in 2021 that features face-framing pin curls on either side and a victory roll at the center of your face for a distinctive Victorian aesthetic.

7. High Stacked Bob

A classic and timeless cut, a chin-length stacked bob with bangs is graceful and timeless. Add volume and soft side-swept bangs that frame your face by styling a more profound side part with your bob. Wear some hair jewelry as the final touch to complete this adorable wedding style!

8. Asymmetrical Curls

Create a vintage aesthetic with this pretty hairstyle for short hair, using bobby pins to swoop up tendrils and pin them behind your head for an unexpected vintage vibe. This look adds volume and length while framing your face beautifully in this soft style that makes an impactful statement about vintage elegance! A large flower clipped to one side of a wavy bob looks stunning at any wedding theme, particularly rustic, boho, or barn events.