Short Haircuts For Men With Wavy Hair

A classic comb back is one of the best haircuts for men with wavy hair. This style is easy to achieve and looks effortlessly cool, suitable for formal events due to its sophisticated yet stylish appearance.

Man Buns for Men with Wavy Hair

Man buns have long been a fashionable updo style that works on any hair texture or length, especially on men with waves. This carefree updo creates a comfortable appearance.

Short Haircuts for Men with Thick Wavy Hair

If you have thick wavy hair, and various short haircuts, its natural texture while giving your styboosting your stylish fade is a popular and easy-to-maintain hairstyle that suits all textures and lengths of locks.

Add a side part and sweep your wavy locks forward to create an elegant, classic look. Alternatively, consider a retro-style curtain bangs hairstyle for added interest and style.

Try using a volume powder that adds texture and a matte finish for a modern touch. This product works wonders on fringe or French crop hairstyles and Faux Hawks and Caesar cuts. It allows natural waves to shine throughout the day and keeps hair looking dapper.

Taper Haircuts for Men with Thick Wavy Hair

A practical haircut for wavy hair allows you to embrace its natural textures. To achieve this, work a medium hold pomade through damp hair and allow it to dry naturally for a clean and manageable style.

Side-pushed quiffs look great on thick hair and give a classic style and a modern feel. Add burst fades or side carving designs for added dimension. You can also have sleek back wavy hair for an effortlessly stylish look, combining a high skin fade with longer locks brushed into waves on top.

If you prefer short hair but dislike going bald, try a taper fade with long bangs (fringe). This style features longer wavy locks on top, worn side combed over for maximum texture exposure.

Long Haircuts for Men with Thick Wavy Hair

Men with long locks can style their wavy hair in various ways to suit different occasions. Use light pomade or wax to keep the waves from becoming too thick.

Combining a fade with a longer top hairstyle is an elegant way to showcase your tousled waves. Keep the sides short and leave three or four inches for length and texture on top.

A high-fade French crop looks sharp and stylish on wavy hair. This haircut is ideal for creating a polished professional appearance. It combines a classic fade with extra low temple and back fades and lots of choppy texture on top for an eye-catching contrasting appearance.

Comb Over Haircuts for Men with Thick Wavy Hair

Men with short, wavy hair can still look classy and put-together by opting for a comb over a haircut. This style involves brushing the top layer of hair to one side and using pomade to slick it back, creating a polished and sleek look.

Add more detail and refinement by incorporating a hard part into your haircut. A tricky part is a defined line cut into your hair to distinguish it from the remainder of your scalp. This feature looks especially effective when combined with a comb over a haircut, further emphasizing the division of locks.

The comb-over is a versatile style suitable for any event or hair length. It is a stylish solution for men looking to cover up a receding hairline or make their locks appear thicker.