Short Sides, Long Top Hairstyles

No matter the texture of your locks, these short sides, long top looks are sure to turn heads. From modern flattops and pompadours to taper fades and more – there is something here for every style and hair texture!

A mid-skin fade works beautifully for this casual retro style. A slick back adds height and volume while being brushed back with pomade for an authentic finish. Leaving the top long and wavy.

Letting your top layer of hair remain long and wavy is a great way to add texture and volume without the hassle of managing it. Additionally, this style works beautifully on almost all face shapes; whether you prefer classic pompadour-style pompadour hairdos or more rugged army-inspired cuts – this style works seamlessly.

Soft scissor cut blending on this style works to provide a seamless transition from short sides to the long top, creating an elegant transitional style that can be styled sleekly or casually with fades for more casual occasions. Its textured top adds plenty of character.

This hairstyle features a sleek back top complemented by an expertly groomed mustache and beard. Perfect for medium face shapes looking to maintain their masculine features. Slicking the top to the back.

Slicking back your hair with pomade is a classic look that’s easy to achieve. All it requires is clean, freshly washed hair which absorbs product well, as well as using quality hairspray to hold the style in place.

One of the greatest features of this style is that it suits all hair lengths – long or short! Additionally, short-haired men may even use this look to achieve a military cut, making an excellent look for men with square or angular facial structures.

Another unique option is pairing a slicked back hairstyle with either a high or low fade. This creates a bold contrast that makes your top hair stand out, or try mid-fade for something less dramatic that still highlights it. It is especially great if you want to show off curly textures as it’s not flat like pompadour or mohawk styles! Slicking the top to the sides.

Short hairstyles that feature long on top and short sides are an excellent way to create a fashionable yet dapper appearance. Slicking back your locks for a neat and sleek appearance or combing them back for an alternative casual style are two options for this style – both work great! This style works with most types of hair too.

Slick back your hair for an effective style by starting with freshly washed and dried locks, followed by applying a small amount of pomade. Slicked-back styles work best on men with thicker hair because this style holds onto products more securely; fine hair may appear flat and wet in this fashion.

Radamel Falcao of soccer fame is an example of a man with this style. His haircut features short sides and back length hair with longer top hair creating a pomp taper effect, slicked back down towards his shoulders for an elegant pomp taper effect, complete with a well-groomed mustache and goatee. Slicking the top to the front.

Short hairstyles with sleek backs can look absolutely breathtaking when done properly. The key is selecting the appropriate product based on your individual style and texture – in this instance, a light blue gel has been used for an ultra smooth and sleek finish.

This hairstyle features the top being slicked straight back with no part, with faded sides and comb over. The fringe adds texture, giving this casual evening out look its signature style. The look comes together nicely thanks to the wavy fringe hair.

Slicking the top to the front can be a risky move, but it works beautifully with fades and side-swept bangs. This style gives your face more masculine framing while adding some unique interest with cute clips in your hair – so get styling now!