Boys hair Cut Pictures – Layered Styles For Thin hair


This layered haircut is perfect for those with thin, fine hair. The stacked short layers help build crown height, and the longer back layers add a sense of fullness. A bob with long sides and a buzzed undercut is both on-trend and stylish. A stylish hair gel adds bounce and texture to any short cut, while an undercut with long sides can be a great choice for those with more coarse, unmanageable locks.

Men hair Cut Design – Short Top, Long Back Styles

Short top, long back styles can be worn in different ways. You can use gel to add texture, or you can just part that on the side. Both options can give you an elegant look. Usually, long tops have short sides, but you can experiment with them. A stylish look can be created with hair gel – this is an easy way to add bounce to your locks! And since this is a quick fix, you don’t need to be afraid of color or style.