Short Side Haircut Female

A short-side haircut female is an eye-catching style. This short hairstyle features a short back and sides with longer curls at the top for added flair. Accessorize this look with big hoop earrings for maximum impact.

Spiky Side Bangs

Asymmetrical short bobs with side bangs are fashionable yet low-commitment looks. Hairstylist Jennifer Agadier recommends Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste ($39) as a texturizing product that can tame and define ends. Gender-neutral style requires an approachable look with short layers, a choppy pixie cut, and easily styleable, textured curtain bangs that provide easy styling options. This style works particularly well if your hair lacks texture – perfect if thin hair needs added volume!

Peach-Pink Buzz Cut

Pink hair is always eye-catching, even with a short buzz cut. This look is ideal for girls who don’t want to commit to a full crew cut and will still help keep their scalp healthy through regular barber visits. Add designs to your peach pink buzz cut for an updated feminine style. Try coloring the top layer with a zigzag design.

Crew Length Sides

A crew cut with a high fade reveals more of the face to flatter its shape and highlight features like cheekbones. It is ideal for those wanting a short sidecut without going the entire shave route. Get an Ivy League haircut for an eye-catching collegiate-inspired style that you can transform into a side-swept crew cut. Request that your stylist keep the back and sides short but leave some length on top so that you can create a strong side sweep by combing forward or brushing over.

Cotton-Candy Bangs

Bright pinks, purples, and blues make an elegant accent color combination in short pixie styles like this edgy bob with pretty pink side bangs. This sleek hairstyle perfectly frames the face. The front hair is cut to cheekbone length and pulled to one side to create an eye-catching effect, with long layers adding movement and texture for an ultramodern style.

Rockstar Rockstar

Rock stars have long, worn, messy mop haircuts. This style works best on wavy locks with plenty of texture, as seen with Jimi Hendrix, who sported his unruly locks with pride and sophistication. Blondes can try out this style too by dyeing or coloring their locks for added dimension – Cyndi Lauper is another example of a rock star style in hair coloring and dyeing her locks accordingly for this iconic rock star look.

Tomboyish Tomboy

Many straight, cisgender girls may go through a tomboy phase during puberty; some transition into soft butch lesbians, stem lesbians, or futures as adults. This type of girl may wear clothes typically associated with males and participate in male-oriented sports such as cricket or baseball. She may also enjoy activities typically associated with boys, such as climbing or playing baseball.


For an eye-catching look that will leave you feeling like an elegant goddess, try coloring your short sides blonde and adding length at the crown with a side-swept fringe for a gorgeous layered haircut suited for straight hair. Though traditionally associated with long waves, medium or short strands also look beautifully styled side-swept over one shoulder. Add an air of sophistication with a rhinestone barrette, or go without one for a casual chic finish.


Try this easy, stylish look for an effortlessly chic style: sleek, slicked-back hair. A bit of pomade can keep those strands neatly in place! This style features a short side-sweep with length on top. It’s the ideal way to show off feminine charm without exerting much effort. This style features a fade that gradually gets shorter near the ears for a stunning contrast with the longer top that will grab people’s attention!

Sweet Curls

Finch up your bold side with a short, wavy bob featuring an alluring side bang from the 1920s! This look can show off both sides of your personality with a sweet and fierce style! This effortless bob is the ideal style for those with naturally curly locks. Work with your stylist to create finger coils that show off your natural texture while remaining sleek and polished.

Side-Sweep with Length on Top

This style is an ideal compromise if you want a short side part and some length at the top. A few inches of extra length at the top allow you to add volume by curling your strands or adding curls for an elegant, feminine look while maintaining low-effort styling requirements. This style marries the sleekness of a taper fade with the texture of a quiff for an eye-catching combination. A light application of matte products will do wonders to achieve this sophisticated look.