Men’s Short Regular Haircut Styles

Men have many short, regular haircut styles available, but not all are created equal. Finding a unique trim can dramatically transform your appearance.

Textured Crops

Textured crops can convey an artistic yet casual aesthetic while emphasizing natural waviness in hair texture.

The French Crop

The French crop is an adaptable style that suits almost everyone, whether at work or casually on weekends. Combined with a comb-over variation like this gentleman has done here, the result can create a more youthful and rounder silhouette.

Are you keeping things straightforward? Ask your barber for a classic French crop with medium fringe and skin fade. This style works particularly well for men with thin or receding hairlines as it gives the appearance of fullness in their heads. For added rugged texture, add point cuts at the top.

The Hard Part with a Quiff

Are You Searching For More Attractive Haircuts Or Want a Slick and Polish Look? Consider Adding A Hard Part. This classic style provides an alternative to pompadours that complement any style flawlessly.

Complex parts add a strong finish that works well with most hairstyles and is especially effective with fades or skin fades. Select high-shine pomades or styling clays that provide more grip than standard products to create the ultimate masculine look.

Apply a product through your hair with your fingers, then comb into desired side parts or add a side-swept quiff for extra elegance.

The Classic Hair Part

Many men prefer an effortless yet stylish appearance without needing to put forth much effort. A clean-cut style such as side parting with fade or taper looks dapper and is suitable for special events.

To achieve this look, your barber must trim hair evenly all over using various guard sizes on clippers or scissors, fade or taper the sides and back for an unruly natural appearance, shape the top using a comb/scissor over comb to form a classic hair parting and finally use a traditional part.

The Military Haircut

This military-inspired haircut is ideal for those who appreciate clean and simple styles. This haircut was traditionally given to new army recruits to prevent lice spread while creating team spirit among soldiers.

This variation of a buzz cut features a high fade around the back and sides, and an inch or longer hair on top. This style can be worn combed towards the face or styled with pomade for an attractive, sophisticated style that works equally well without a beard. Wear yours with a side part for maximum classic effect.

The Afro and a Drop Fade

Drop fade haircuts are an excellent way to showcase your hair while simultaneously controlling it. To achieve the desired look, consult your barber on creating an afro with longer top layers that fade into very short sides – preferably right down to the skin – then style with twists, dreads, or braids for added style and contrast between shorter and longer sections.

This style is ideal for wavy or curly afro hair as it showcases your natural texture while helping shape the appearance of the head. Furthermore, this look stands out from cookie-cutter fades that many men opt for, adding plenty of personality and individuality to your style.

The High and Tight

The classic high and tight style is an effortless look suitable for all face shapes and hair textures. Unlike its counterpart, a fade, which gradually grows longer from its sides to top layers, this haircut keeps all sections at an equal height throughout, making maintenance much more straightforward.

For a more elegant take on this style, pair your comb-over with a sleek side part for maximum impact and confidence-boosting benefits. It also allows curly or kinky locks to show through without hiding their roots too much.

Be as precise as possible when asking your barber to create a high and tight style – this includes specifying exactly how short you want the back and sides, whether or not a hard part or hair design would work, etc.