How to Spice Up a Short Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts can bring out your inner tomboy, but not all pixie cuts are created equal. Finding one with the appropriate colors and layers is critical to creating a short haircut that looks completely feminine.

Icy Blonde with Gray Tinge

This lovely fairy features an icy blonde shade tinged gray, making it ideal for summer! The face-framing bangs add a touch of nonchalance and style while showcasing gorgeous features.

Adding Layers for Volume and Contrast

One of the easiest and most stylish ways to spice up a short pixie haircut is with layers. Layers give volume, and structure, and allow for exciting contrasts. They are ideal for women who desire a bold yet elegant look with minimal maintenance.

Creating an Edgy Cascade

Experiment with various styling products by creating a layered pixie haircut with an edgy cascade of shorter hair at the top. This ultra-sexy style will make your face appear more prominent, while the choppy texture highlights your eyes for an improved appearance. This style is perfect for women with thin or finer locks, providing volume, texture, and fashion-forward confidence.

Longer Front Layers and Deep Side Part

Add extra character and depth to your pixie by asking your stylist for longer front layers and a deep side part. This creates a carefree yet seductive style that showcases your lovely personality, accentuates your face shape, and adds volume for women with thin hair.

Pixie Cuts with Side Bangs

Pixie cuts with side bangs add volume to wavy locks while concealing any outgrown roots for a fresh and youthful appearance. Side-swept pixie haircuts are also ideal for women with thin hair, adding volume and interest to the style. They can be worn in various ways and with any hair color, making them versatile and trendy.

Texture for an Unconventional Style

For those who prefer an unconventional or rustic-chic pixie style, consider adding texture. This adds lively movement to your locks while being easy to manage with minimal maintenance. Just be cautious not to overdo highlights, as it may result in an unflattering result. Ask your stylist for subtle highlights that blend naturally for a well-maintained look.

Asymmetrical for Natural Waves or Curls

The asymmetrical variation on the classic pixie haircut is perfect for anyone with natural waves or curls. It provides maximum movement through texture and volume. Keep the back and sides short and cropped close while leaving the top longer for texture and volume. Soft, feminine curls can be created with the help of a curling wand or hair dryer.

Polished Asymmetrical Look

An asymmetrical pixie cut adds dimension to fine or thin hair without weighing it down. It allows for side bangs that can be styled for dramatic flair or casual everyday looks. This version of an asymmetrical pixie also works excellently with sun-kissed highlights that complement your facial structure.

Layered Pixie for Straight Hair

Though a fairy can be worn with straight hair, opting for layers is often the best choice. Layers add texture and lighten the strands, which is particularly beneficial for women with fine or thin hair. Consider adding balayage highlights for an authentic-looking finish.

Long Pixie for Striking Style

Long pixie haircuts make an impressive statement with their striking style. They are perfect for older ladies who wish to showcase their femininity. This style also allows you to add volume without much effort or expensive products. Use mousses or hairsprays to define and refine your technique.

Feathered Style for Height and Interest

A feathered style works wonders with long pixie cuts, adding height and interest to your look. This works well with almost all hair colors, exceptionally light gray. Hairspray helps keep the style in place while preventing flyaways.

Face-Framing Bang for Balance

Make your fairy more striking by adding a face-framing bang. This style works particularly well on rounder faces, helping to balance them out and draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Wear the bangs slicked back, to the side, or create a bold statement about female beauty.

Pops of Color for Personality

Add some pops of color to showcase your personality with a long pixie. Highlights or streaks can add brightness and dimension, giving your hair flair and definition. Use hot irons or blow dryers for a quick and easy way to create the desired effect.

Inspired by Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is known for her courage in experimenting with different styles. One of her admirable looks is the adorable pixie haircut with bangs. This modern and feminine style complements her gorgeous green eyes and bright smile with minor styling effort and confidence.