Top 5 Short Long hair Styles

Short Layers

– Short layers can add volume, remove weight, and frame your face.

– Showing photos to your stylist makes communicating your desired layering style easier.

– Textured cuts can add depth and dimension to your style.

– Add bangs or sun-kissed balayage for an extra pop of color!

Modern Bob

– Modern bobs can be sleek and edgy.

– Perfect for sophisticated or playful looks.

– Offers plenty of scope for experimentation with color.

– Try bold rainbow streaks or subtle chestnut to golden brown ombre.

– A jagged bob with a ragged texture is fashionable and low maintenance.

Stacked Bob

– Stacked Bob has an unconventional aesthetic.

– Longer in the back than in the front.

– Stunning silhouette that is both sexy and bold.

– Works well with darker hues.

– Great for women with thick hair who want to add texture.

Angled Bob

– Requires at least 10 minutes of daily priming.

– Classic style that looks good on all hair types.

– Adds drama and definition to the face.

– Ideal option for impressing your boyfriend.

– Looks striking on platinum blonde tresses with a deep side part.

Short Layered Bob

– Adds volume and texture to thin tresses.

– Texturizes smooth, straight hair or reduces bulk from thick, short strands.

– Flattering chin-length version with vertical blonde highlights.

– Fits any face shape and can be styled straight or with soft waves.

– Can be styled as an inverted collarbone-length bob for fine locks.

Cute Short Haircuts

– Be chic and sophisticated with an easy pixie cut.

– Requires minimal maintenance.

– Add a pop of color for a trendy and girly style.

– Flatters all face shapes, incredibly dark blonde hair.

Pixie Cut

– Short and chic with easy styling options.

– Comfortable for everyday use.

– Mousses and hairsprays help add volume and define the style.

– Asymmetrical pixie cut with long layers and a side bang is tomboyish yet feminine.

– Ideal for ladies with thin hair.

Tapered Cut

– Timeless yet chic style that suits all face shapes.

– Looks great when worn with a clean-cut T-shirt or fitted suit.

– Sleek and easy to maintain using pomade.

– Eye-catching pixie cut silhouette.

– Add texture and volume by styling wavy or curly.

Short hair with Layers

– Short layered haircuts are fashionable.

– Choose from super sleek to curlier or wavelier styles.

– Bangs can further accentuate the look.

– Feathered layers add movement and volume to a pixie cut.

– Regular trims for easy maintenance of a feminine yet modern layered bob.