Short Mens Haircuts

Men with short hair enjoy an effortless look, making going to the barber easy and leaving with a fresh cut always rewarding. Fades offer additional ways to change up this classic style. Combining a high skin disappear with a quiff or comb over is the perfect combination to make thin hair appear thicker and lengthen-square or diamond face shape.

Classic Side Part

The timeless side part is an ever-popular style that is easy to wear, and perfect for formal and informal events. Men with straight hair may benefit from wearing it this way as it allows for several styling possibilities; depending on hair texture/density needs, a strong hold product such as pomade/clay may help maintain this style throughout the day. This style combines a slick back with a drop fade to achieve an elegant yet modern style. Perfect for guys who want to look dapper without the daily hassle of styling their hair or those wanting an eye-catching quiff look – wear this style as part of a quiff for added drama!

French Crop

French crops are perfect for anyone seeking to add an eye-catching element to their look. Their eye-catching angular fringe will draw attention without disrupting a classic, clean style. But this one requires confidence and fashion boldness, so ensure you are ready for all the attention before purchasing a men’s crop with a blunt fringe. Unlike buzz cuts or Ivy League styles, this low maintenance do is ideal for all face shapes and clothing styles. Additionally, its flexibility works exceptionally well on curly or wavy hair textures, making it the perfect solution for anyone seeking short locks without constant grooming and styling.

Military Style

The Military Style is an elevated version of the Crew Cut that elevates its look precisely. A lineup shapes hairline and edges into an eye-catching yet simple style that works for all facial structures and head sizes. Furthermore, spikes or texture combovers can further amplify its captivating presence. This Military Style features a higher skin fade on the sides and back, leaving enough length at the top for styling in a comb-over or spiky quiff. To maintain this masculine look, use hair pomade or gel to keep the top straight back for an unbroken, classic appearance.

Messy Look

Men with thick hair can experiment with messy styles for an eye-catching and stylish look. Tousle or scrunch your locks before using matte pomade to secure them into place. If you want a rugged aesthetic, adding stubble or a full beard can give it an even more masculine edge – an excellent solution for men needing more time or energy to maintain clean-cut hairstyles. Medium messy haircuts are also great ways to show off the texture in your hair, with sea salt spray or cream and wax helping enhance this style. Perfect for casual and formal events; just be careful with products that contain too much hold, as this could cause your locks to become oily quickly!

Tapered Quiff

Inspired by the Pompadour quiff, this style works well on men with thick or wavy hair. The high volume creates an arresting, gravity-defying structure sure to turn heads wherever they go – while shaved or closely cropped sides provide a striking contrast against longer, voluminous locks on top. Contrary to popular belief, tapered quiff haircuts don’t look dated but suit any age group perfectly. With its shorter sides helping thin or fine hair appear thicker than its extra length and styling on top, this style makes an aesthetically pleasing choice that works on many faces. Take a picture of the cut you want with you for maximum clarity – that way; there will be no misinterpretation of what it is that you are seeking, and your barber can provide an accurate result.