Short Hairstyles For Seniors

Women over 50 can rock short haircuts just as successfully as younger ladies. A tailored pixie with long side-swept bangs and choppy layers is an easy way to add texture and styleability to any look. Add babylights for a modern style by showing off the natural hue of your hair while creating dimension, then finish off the look by adding shimmer to illuminate your face and provide dimension.


One of the timeless short hairstyles for older women is a blunt pixie. It is timeless yet ultra stylish. Add texture with feathers or shaggy edges for added flair, or go bold by adding color for an updated look. For women with gray locks who wish to make the most of their natural beauty, a platinum blonde pixie cut can be the ideal style choice. Feminine yet chic, you can add pink highlights for added dimension. Your bold style can shine with a side-parted pixie cut! This stylish yet manageable look requires only some hair gel or light styling product for its effortless spikiness, as well as some hairspray to create messy textures – the ideal way to show your individuality without taking unnecessary risks! Don’t forget about adding long side swept bangs as an additional accent piece!


If you prefer the traditional cropped look, why not spice it up by incorporating dimension and texture? Angled layers can add dimension while giving your short hairstyles for older women an eye-catching youthful edge. A slanted bob can create an effortlessly stylish style suitable for almost every face shape. Its versatility also makes it simple to incorporate highlights or semi-permanent color without departing from tradition. Stacked layers can add volume without losing their soft, feminine finish. A textured pixie with long side bangs and choppy layers is an ideal way to update any look, while brown blonde highlights add warmth and dimension to the color of your locks – creating an eye-catching style!

Messy Layers

Short hairstyles that suit thick, healthy locks tend to look their best. Adding texture and movement with layers and layer cuts can really set them off. A layered pixie, bob, or longer layered cut can create height and volume as it frames your face effortlessly. You can curl the ends or leave them straight; it is an effortless wash-and-go style with which semi-permanent colors or highlights add drama for even greater visual impact. If you want a classic yet modern style without sharp, geometric lines, try an angled layered bob with longer layers at the top for a look that works for all face shapes. Soft face-framing bangs may add dimension and frame your features beautifully while keeping your face youthful looking with their layering effect. Suitable for natural, blonde, and gray hair alike!

Thick Hair

Shoulder-length styles provide older women with thick hair with softness and femininity while remaining easy to manage – perfect for older ladies with thick locks! They can even be worn up or down. If you’re not quite ready to commit to short hairstyles yet, try an inverted bob with either wavy or straight locks as an easy low-maintenance style that looks chic when curled and can help camouflage wrinkles around the eyes. Additionally, this cut pairs nicely with side-swept bangs if you want to soften your face shape. When it comes to your hairstyle, layered pixie with angled layers is a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion. Perfect for mature women with thick strands and worn up or down with blonde highlights. This look exudes femininity without overshadowing senior citizens’ busy lives!