Short Haircuts For 2020

Embark on an adventurous path this 2020 with the choppy pixie cut as your must-have short haircut. Though this look requires more work and styling time every morning, the result will surely leave an impressionable and seductive impression.

Choppy Pixie Cut

Modern mullets combine a short front, taper fade sides, and long shaggy tops to create an eye-catching style. Just be wary of products that clump or matte your locks, as this could give an undesirable, messy appearance.


The long bob (lob) haircut is a one-size-fits-all hairstyle that flatters most facial structures. Wear this versatile style slicked back or with loose beach waves for maximum impact!

This cut is ideal for someone with a square face shape, as the longer strands help soften some of the emphasis on their forehead and jawline. Additionally, this length works beautifully on straight hair if added some face-framing layers like those seen in Alfre Woodard’s chin-length bob. Pair it with either a deep side part or a slight bend for an aged effect to give this style a mature touch.

An alternative way to style a lob is with trendy hues. Blond hair looks particularly striking with this length and when paired with highlights. This look is ideal for formal events, and maintenance products like Glamsquad’s Beachy Wave Spray help keep it in check quickly.

A wavy lob is an eye-catching and feminine style, ideal for any face shape and event. As with straight bobs, the key to pulling off this style successfully is using Locsanity Daily Moisturizing Refreshing Spray to keep strands soft and frizz-free.


The bob is one of the classic and versatile short hairstyles. Its versatility is undeniable, from its modern edge to being sleek and refined.

Women with wavy or curly locks may add layers to give their style added movement and texture while simultaneously framing their faces and accentuating facial features. Modern bobs have evolved beyond blunt, straight cuts that sit directly at the jawline, into feathered or angled styles with shorter front layers, creating a soft feminine finish that flatters all face shapes. Easy maintenance with a light wash/dry routine using either a flat brush or round brush is required for this style; for an added pop of color, add highlights to the top layer for an additional dimension!

A layered bob is an excellent choice for women with thin or fine hair, providing the illusion of thickness while simultaneously relieving weight from their locks, making them easier to manage and style every morning. Furthermore, these styles allow women with naturally wavy or curly locks to show off their natural locks without spending hours styling each morning!

If you want a bolder, more eye-catching style, try opting for a blunt, layered bob with bangs. This look works especially well on those with oval or long faces and will bring attention to eyes and cheekbones. Alternatively, side-swept bobs also look fantastic!


If you want a shortcut that’s easy to style, opt for an angled pixie. This classic cut frames your face and neckline beautifully while wispy bangs add femininity – ideal whether you want to appear chic and sophisticated or simply casual!

Even if your hair is fine, you can still pull off an adorable pixie cut! Ensure your strands are layered so as not to appear too thin; doing this will lift and volumize each strand while creating a sleek texture for easy management. Adding a side-swept fringe creates an adorable asymmetry for an eye-catching fashion look.

Add dimension and visual interest to your pixie by customizing its hue. A subtle balayage highlight adds modern charm, while bold colors like pink or red can turn heads and turn up the volume!

A sassy pixie cut is ideal for those seeking an unconventional yet feminine style. As Halle Berry shows, pulling off this look will instantly increase confidence and empower you. Pair yours with an upswept ponytail and elegant earrings for the full effect.

Shaved Head

Cutting off long or medium-length locks may seem intimidating initially, but it can also be liberating and exciting when done correctly.

One of the boldest and most empowering short haircuts available to women this year is shaved head haircuts like those popularized by celebrities such as Britney Spears. TikTok influencers such as Michaela Jae Rodriguez and Doja Cat have also taken to this style by shaving off their locks.

A shaved head can be an exciting new look that’s great for experimentation. The versatile cut can pair perfectly with any style or makeup look you choose and requires little upkeep; plus, it grows back quickly should it no longer suit. If you’re not quite ready to make the plunge, keep some hair on top and style it differently using clips or ties!

There are various styles to wear a shaved head, but the most popular method is a classic bob cut. This style flatters all face shapes and can easily be maintained through regular trims and shampoo products such as Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness. If you want something bolder or more dramatic, try switching things up by opting for side-swept or center-part pixie cuts.

Another trendy and feminine option is a layered shag haircut, adding volume and a healthy sheen to thin or brittle locks. Add color for an eye-catching effect.

Heart-shaped faces look irresistibly seductive with a side-swept bob that frames both cheekbones and chin, especially if thick hair is added as layers and highlights for added movement. Additionally, this style can help trim away excess length in an existing bob that has grown out.

Create an edgier style with a messy bob and bangs worn to one side, brushing them back. Its choppy texture is flattering for all face shapes, making this style easily manageable when pulled back into a high ponytail or bun.