African American Short hair Styles

Curls, Bobs, and Pixie Cuts

Curls, bobs, and pixie cuts are always fashionable; adding texture makes them even more striking. The springy coils in a tapered pixie can add personality and beauty for black women. Brown hair color looks beautiful and complements any face shape, significantly when enhanced with long colored bangs, dramatic side sweeps, or intricate carvings.

Textured Short Haircut

Short textured haircuts are an excellent way for black women to show off their natural texture without the need for daily combing. This stylish style works on all ages and can be customized with highlights or dye for a different look. It can be worn with a low or high fade, featuring a side part and a blonde ombre color with dark roots and light ends.

Blonde and Pastel Short Haircut

For a tapered haircut that is not too short, keeping the sides and back short while leaving the top long and curly creates an eye-catching style. Blonde hair looks beautiful on black women, and the ombre dyeing adds an edgy and modern touch. Bright pink or purple hues can be added for a playful short bob style.

Mini Afro

Opting for natural hair provides numerous styling options for black women. Luxurious blonde buzzcuts, intricate twists, and tapered afros with platinum accents can all make bold statements. Styling a mini-afro can draw admiring glances, and creating gorgeous coils with a curl sponge or hands adds dimension.

Hard Part Short Haircut

An effortless yet fashionable style for African-American women is the hard part of a short haircut. Ideal for formal events and all four seasons, this style provides the freedom of not needing to comb hair daily while remaining stylish. It features a fine shaved line to differentiate faded and wavy sections of hair.

Textured Pixie

Black women seeking an edgy look can rock the textured pixie. The side-swept fringe adds femininity and versatility. It works well with natural texture or platinum blonde coloring and can be styled on curly, coiled, or straight hair. Adding balayage highlights creates a stunningly unique look.