Short hair Cuts for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, don’t be intimidated by shortening it – it can be pretty easy! TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio proves that you can rock curly locks while still looking stunning – her wet, swept-back tendrils give a dose of Hollywood glimmer!

The Versatile Bob

Depending upon how it’s styled, this short classic can be anything from edgy to elegant, depending on how it is worn. From light blonde hues to salt-and-pepper looks, the short classic adds plenty of personality and interest.

The Bob with Bangs

Sometimes, all it takes to elevate your look is a simple bob. For an irresistibly sexy and playful vibe, choose a jaw-length bob with face-framing bangs – leaving them long and wavy or styling them into a cute fringe will provide just the perfect combination!

The Choppy Cut

The choppy cut offers a modern, funky style that works with most hair textures. This look features loose waves paired with brow-length bangs and blunt ends that fall just below the chin; texturizing pomade is ideal for adding shape and definition to this style.

The Messy Finish

Messy hair can often be the ideal way to showcase its natural wavy texture. This look can be incredibly flattering with face-framing bobs with curly bangs. Additionally, the middle parts are an effective way of lengthening the face – add some balayage highlights for added brightness.


Short hair cuts for curly hair offer various options for different styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a versatile bob, a bob with bangs, a choppy cut, or a messy finish, a short haircut can enhance your curly hair’s beauty. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your curly hair!