Boys Hair Cut Pictures – How to Style Short Curly Natural hair

If you have a light complexion, a short curly style can look great. You can go for cute layered styles or even try a puff. You can add a flower to the side and style that in many different ways, such as wearing it in a bun or puff. You can add some shine to your short curly style by applying some Dark Oil. This oil is great for adding shine and a textured look.

Short Curly Natural Styles


For the perfect look, try a short natural style. This cut can be worn in several ways, and it is low-maintenance. It also showcases your unique curl pattern. Whether you have fine or coarse curls, short curly hair can be styled in a variety of ways. Using hairpins, you can create a side-swept look or add a cute hairpiece. Here are some of the most popular short natural styles that you can try.

Whether you have long or short curly natural hair, a bob haircut will suit you perfectly. This type of haircut requires little upkeep and can be dressed up with accessories and a flower on the side. Here are a few ways you can style your short curls. You can also wear a bandana over the top of your head and use hairpins to create a side-swept look. A bob style can be a great choice if you’re not interested in a lot of upkeep.