Short Curly Natural Hairstyles For Black Girls

No matter if it is just recently or long ago that you decided to cut your long locks short, there are plenty of stylish looks for curly hair that are sure to make a statement. From sleek, slicked-back pixies and intricate finger waves to full mini-fros, endless smart choices will ensure a memorable look for you and your shortcut!

Tight ringlets and subtle balayage add depth and dimension to a classic pixie cut, adding visual interest and dimension. Complete the look by spraying some hold spray for that picture-perfect silhouette.


Twistouts are an adaptable hairstyle that enhances natural curl patterns while providing a sleek and stylish style. They can be worn at any length and serve as great protective styles. Plus, you can make your twist more exciting by accessorizing with patternpattern headbands, gold cuffs, hair clips, beads, cowries, or tassels!

Twist-outs can be done on damp and dry hair, though beginning with blown-out locks will produce smoother, more defined results. Leave-in conditioner or styling gel can also help moisturize curls to ensure they better hold onto their twist out.

For an edgy style, part your hair down the middle and create two flat twists on either side, securing each with a scrunchie before fluffing up for extra volume.

Side part

There’s something about having a side part that screams “cool.” From Lauren Conrad to Disney Channel teens, having one conveys an effortless vibe and a mysterious charm. Not to mention, it balances your face better and makes your hair appear fuller!

The classic side part is a versatile style that suits all hair lengths and textures. Perfect for formal events like black-tie weddings or dressing up with naturally curly locks, this look makes an impression at any standard function.

To achieve an ideal side-swept style, utilize volumizing gel or pomade. Furthermore, experiment with various types like fade side parting or hard side-parting; when choosing one that best fits you based on hair growth direction and position of the cowlick.

Finger waves

Finger waves are the perfect short curly hairstyle to experiment with smoother-flowing dry waves or add a seductive edge to wet locks, and they make an effortless style statement. Easy to achieve and suitable for women with short hair who are willing to go the extra mile, finger waves make a bold statement about who they are as individuals and make great additions when styling pixie bobs with curly shapes – adding edge to any overall look!

This style is effortless and requires minimal upkeep: it needs duckbill clips, some hair gel, and strong-hold hairspray to create it. Adding gem-topped bobby pins or stick-on jewels can enhance the style for extra chicness – perfect for special events or dressing up a casual ensemble! This look can also make an impressive first impression when meeting new people!


Afros are one of the most striking short natural hairstyles for black women, drawing instant attention wherever they appear. From complete and voluminous puffs like actress Yara Shahidi’s to sleek looks, afros can fit in seamlessly at any event; plus, they act as protective styles that keep curls healthy.

Shorter locks may find the afro style too long and cumbersome, but it can be an excellent way to showcase luscious curls for those who can manage it. Paired with bold lip colors and massive earrings, this hairstyle can elevate any casual ensemble.

Braiding can also be an ideal way to transition from chemically treated hair to natural, provided perm rods or straighteners are used first to tame length.


Cornrows are flat plaits originating in Africa and the Caribbean that are known for being stylish yet low-maintenance hairstyles. Cornrows can be accessorized with beads and charms for an eye-catching effect or can be tucked into a high bun to complete their elegant, timeless style.

For a sportier style, try pigtail cornrows. This style keeps hair out of your face while framing and emphasizing features; plus, it adds color to any ensemble!

Cornrows with curls create an eye-catching style. This look features small and large cornrows layered together and individual braids tightly wound into a curly bob. Ideal for any special event or social gathering, it will surely turn heads!