Hair Color Ideas For Girls With Curly Hair

Asymmetrical Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Girls with curly locks can go bold with an asymmetrical pixie featuring side-swept bangs. Regular trims will help maintain this stylish cut, as will using quality texturizing styling products to give their curls added texture.

Subtle Balayage Highlights for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair looks its best when highlighted subtly with lightened brown balayage highlights that enhance each ringlet, like those found here. A soft nape-length bob features this lighter brown shade for maximum impact.

Chestnut Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Chestnut brown hair is an elegant shade that complements most skin tones, eye colors, and curly or wavy textures. Highlighting chestnut brown hair is an effective way to intensify its depth; golden or caramel highlights can accentuate its natural tones, giving the appearance of more attractive and radiant locks.

Natural-Looking Reddish Ombre for Auburn Hair

An alternative option would be a natural-looking ombre with a reddish tint, seamlessly highlighting your dark brown hair while complementing its dark hue. This look would flatter most complexions, particularlyy those with green or brown eyes.

Homecare Tips for Dyed Hair

Homecare for dyed hair includes using a gloss that protects and conditions while toning it, such as before blow drying or curling your locks. Remember always to protect dyed tresses with heat protectants, as hot water may strip its color from its structure.

Chocolate Brown hair with Ombre Highlights

Chocolate brown hair is an elegant shade that conjures images of melting chocolate bars. This hue complements all skin tones, particularly warm tones; additionally, its beauty helps bring out your eyes’ brilliance. The ombre style is an effective way to show off chocolate brown hair. Beginning with dark chocolate hues and gradually lightening towards lighter tones, this hairstyle looks fabulous when coupled with long curly locks.

Face-Framing Highlights for Chocolate Brown Hair

Your stylist can add face-framing highlights to your chocolate brown locks, bringing out their best features and making them more eye-catching.

Textured Balayage for Chocolate Brown Hair

Your chocolate brown hair could also benefit from textured balayage, an increasingly popular trend that adds depth and dimension. Wavy or curly locks look especially striking with this look! For optimal results, opt for a balayage that starts dark at the roots before transitioning into light ash brown at the ends for maximum impact.

Vibrant Highlights for Light Brown Curly Hair

Curly hair looks fantastic when highlighted with vibrant hues. While straight locks may be easy to dye, coloring curly strands requires more skill and patience – but it will undoubtedly pay off with stunning and voluptuous volume! Honey brown is one of the ideal hues for light brown curly hair, providing your locks with a sun-kissed glow while looking fantastic with all skin tones. To add even more vibrancy, consider sprinkling in some eye-catching blonde highlights for added impact.

Ginger Brown Balayage for Light Brown Curly Hair

Ginger brown is another gorgeous light brown hue for curly hair, especially as a balayage style. This style works wonderfully on women with curly locks as it blends seamlessly into your natural shade for an easy transition. Additionally, you may ask your stylist for free-form painting to add depth and dimension. Ginger brown offers low maintenance with just as beautiful results!

Dark Chocolate Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Dark chocolate is an intoxicating hue that complements curly hair perfectly. It flatters women of various skin tones and adds stunning dimension to natural coils. Lighten it for an ash blonde-tinged lighter shade, or add highlights for more contrast between natural curls and the color itself.

Highlights for Medium Brown Curly Hair

Highlights can do wonders for medium-brown curly hair. They can add depth and dimension and bring out your curls more vividly for an eye-catching and alluring style that will turn heads.

Ginger-Brown Balayage for Lightening Tight Coils

Choose a ginger-brown balayage for an innovative and vibrant hue. Your stylist can achieve this look by hand painting highlights starting from your natural roots, adding more or less pigment as needed, and protecting with color protectant for added longevity. The balayage technique works wonders in lightening tight coils; ask your stylist about their experience working with curls!