5 Bold and Sexy Short Black Hairstyles

Short black hairstyles can be striking and beautiful.

From relaxed, natural styles to those transitioning towards an afro, one will surely be perfect for you.

Low-maintenance black haircuts

Low-maintenance black haircuts such as this tapered cropped cut with a straight line can help simplify life (at least your morning routine!). Add a gold hoop and caramel highlights for maximum impact!

Angled Bob

The angled bob hairstyle is an excellent choice for black women, with long and short locks featuring layers that add volume and dimension. It flatters almost all face shapes, especially oval or round faces. To enhance this cut further, ask for highlights or lowlights to highlight the contrast between your dark strands and lighten them for a luminous appearance.


Mohawk hairstyles make an impressionful statement that will impress all who see them, leaving an everlasting memory in their wake. Wear it straight, slicked back, or with waves; black women looking to stand out can often use this fun yet versatile haircut!

Buzz Cut

If you are a black woman who doesn’t shy away from going extra short, try opting for a choppy pixie cut. Not only is it cute in silhouette and texture, it requires minimal styling to look its best! For an added feminine touch, add long bangs that elongate your face and frame your eyes; for a softer and more delicate appearance, consider adding light golden brown highlights for more variation and dimension.

Sponge Curls

The sponge curls hairstyle is an easy, fun, and beautiful way to add dimension and texture to short black hair. Perfect for women who have natural afro curls or coils as well as straight locks, starting this look requires getting your locks ready by making sure that at least an inch long at minimum is, clean and moisturized, then spraying water onto them while adding a quarter-sized dollop of men’s curl cream for texture before shaping with a curling sponge – you should end up with beautifully texturized locks when finished!

Greg Decker Hair

Greg Decker hair offers many ways to style short black hairstyles that highlight your unique personality. Try different looks, like braids, ponytails, and updos, then visit Greg for a professional consultation to help find one that works. So go ahead and experiment with a few of these short black hairstyles – you won’t regret it!