5 Low-Maintenance Short Black Hairstyles

There are so many beautiful, low-maintenance, short black hairstyles you should experiment with! From classic short afros and relaxed locks, to trendy modern bobs and pixie variations – there is sure to be one perfect for anyone. If you have natural curls, embrace them by styling a stylish wavy pixie cut! Be sure to hydrate daily so your kinks stay moisturized for an optimal appearance.

The pompadour is an ever-popular classic hairstyle for modern men that has evolved with modern lifestyles. Its popularity stems from its ability to complement almost every face shape while adding height and distinguished style. Furthermore, this hairstyle doesn’t require much maintenance either: use some pomade or wax and rake through from part line up to crown for easy creation! For an eye-catching twist, you could style a pompadour in spiky style instead!

The messy pompadour is a modern take on this timeless hairstyle, featuring several modifications to create a more casual style. Perfect for any event and every personality type alike, this variation of the pompadour provides sleek sophistication while remaining easy to maintain. Add an innovative spin to this classic haircut by opting for a taper fade haircut. This cut emphasizes the pompadour shape while providing additional length on top, so you can still get plenty of volume while having an elegant style perfect for work or after-work drinks. Furthermore, its taper simplifies styling comb-overs or quiff pompadours, as no side styling is necessary!

This loose curls style will turn heads if you have wavy or curly short or medium-length hair. Create an A-line bob style with open curly locks falling to either side while bangs are left straight for an unforgettable look. Ideal for black women with curly or wavy locks who wish to achieve this bold and luxurious style!

These loose curls look feature large sections with flexible, soft ringlet curls. This look’s more natural texture makes this hairstyle simple and low maintenance; start with clean, dry locks spritzed lightly with light hairspray before using a curling wand to form large soft ringlets – remember to let them cool entirely before unhooking from the rod! For a polished and refined style, pin back your loose curls using a large hair clip or pins for an elegant and feminine appeal. Additionally, adding a hat makes this style even more casual and playful! Give your curls an eye-catching transformation with an exciting hair color change! This unicorn-inspired look features chestnut brown roots that lighten to an eye-catching lilac hue midway, then reappear at the tips for an exquisite ombre finish. Showcase this princess-worthy style for maximum impact at any special event or gala.

No matter your hair texture, a sleek coif is an effortless way to look elegant at prom or an evening wedding reception. Celebrity stylist Nikki Nelms gave Solange Knowles this look for an INC International Concepts event; her high ponytail perfectly complemented her satin dress. Another way to wear a sleek coif is with more of a faux hawk style. Cardi B opted for this look at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, and it is an effective way to showcase both face and bangs without the maintenance required in keeping them behind ears all night long. She added in loose, face-framing curls as finishing touches for this chic style.

This sleek updo may look complex, but it’s very straightforward. Start with a low ponytail and use six evenly spaced hair ties – either ribbon elastics or spiral telephone cord-inspired hair ties work great to minimize breakage. It looks especially striking on black girls with curly locks, yet equally stunning for those with straight locks. Perfect for any special event and will ensure your locks remain sleek all day


Depending on the styling, a classic pixie haircut can be as chic or edgy as desired. Crisp edges and fades can give off an edgy aesthetic, while styles like Jada Pinkett Smith’s cut-in-line bob are ideal if you want to grow your buzz cut or need morego as short. Feathered layers add volume and texture to this adorable pixie cut, making it gorgeous when worn with loose curls or straight locks. Perfect for any special event or just everyday wear, it looks especially striking with light blonde or caramel highlights against its jet-black base. Layered pixies with bangs are gorgeous styles to try on black hair as they bring out its natural depth and richness. If you like more daring looks, consider pairing an edgier tapered pixie with long, messy bangs brushed roughly forward for an eye-catching casual chic aesthetic. An incredible pixie cut requires playing with textures and proportions, particularly curly locks, which add movement, surface, and an edge of seduction to an amount. Wavy styles create volume, while straight styles show your individuality – don’t be afraid to experiment!

Tight curls have always been in fashion and remain one of the timeless classics in terms of hairstyles. Their tightly coil spirals add volume and provide ample body to the hair. To maintain tight curls successfully, ensure they remain moisturized to stay bouncy and hydrated; dehydrated coils will become frizzy and lose shape quickly, becoming unruly and messy-looking in no time! For optimal tight coil results, use shampoo and conditioner containing proteins that lock in moisture and shine to keep them voluminous and full of life!

One way to achieve tight coils without heat styling is by wrapping your strands in a scarf overnight – also known as Bantu knots – similar to how curling irons would. Divide cleansed, deep-conditioned hair into four square sections before taking each small area individually and wrapping it around a straw tip – similar to how curling irons work – until all your strands have been wrapped around one straw tip and sleeping on them overnight, before unwrapping your locks in the morning to reveal stunning tight spirals!

Braiding hair can also create tight coils. Dampen your locks, let them air dry, or use a blow dryer for quicker drying time, then create two regular braids on either side of your head for looser waves; or for added volume, create two boxer braids!