5 Short Black Hair Styles That Are Easy to Maintain

Black hair is highly adaptable, with numerous short black hairstyles to fit every personal aesthetic. Pixie cuts or tapered haircuts can create stunning looks that are easy to maintain – you could find one perfect today!

Pixie with Long Bangs

Long pixie haircuts bring out any woman’s natural beauty, working on any hair texture to release extra weight and provide vibrant texturization. Long pixie cuts also work great as frames for glasses-wearers as they frame the face beautifully.

Mob Cut with Bangs

Mob cuts are currently fashionable. This trendy in-between style combines elements from both bob and lob styles, providing an eye-catching chin-grazing layered bob with side-swept bangs that frame the face beautifully while hiding forehead wrinkles. Enhance this stylish bob style by adding splashes of vibrant hair color.

Tapered Hairstyle

If you prefer something simple, opt for a tapered haircut. Since both the back and sides will feature shorter locks, it won’t need much styling – follow your regular wash-and-go routine to keep things looking their best! This modern look suits wavy or curly locks and those with more relaxed coils. Keep the top strands long to add volume while maintaining an elegant, polished style.

Waves and Curls

Hair that belongs to Black women is full of texture and beauty – yet often difficult to manage. That’s why short black hairstyles with low maintenance requirements like these beautiful short black styles come in handy! A textured pixie is an adorable and feminine style that showcases your hair texture. This modern shape suits finer textures like those found in kinkier textures and those with some 3a or 3b coils in their mane, adding color to this look!

Blonde Hairstyle

Light blonde on black hair can create an eye-catching contrast-enhanced with copper highlights, with its ashy tone perfectly complementing darker eyes and skin tones. Plus, its lighter shade means no brassy tones! This fun style combines short sides and back sections in a natural black color, with a golden blonde top team to create an eye-catching style that is perfect for any event or setting! It stands out in any crowd!

Side Swept Curls

Side-swept styles will still look glamorous and feminine, no matter the length or texture of your locks. To achieve this style, create large curls by lightly teasing your roots for volume before sweeping all your curls to one side and pinning them down – finish this style off with some good hairspray for lasting style! This chic look is ideal for formal events. Start by applying light hold mousse to damp hair and curling large sections using big barrel curlers. Pull all your coils to one side using bobby pins to secure their hold.

Sleek Side Part

Side-swept strands have made a comeback and are more versatile than ever! This trend works excellently on bobs, lobs, mid-length, and even locs/braids hair. Redway states that a deep side part “adds depth and can highlight different angles of your face.” She recommends tucking it behind your ear for a Hollywood style or hanging it for a more natural appearance. Viola Davis is among many celebrities who sport an afro with a deep side part like many celebs donning this look. Use hairspray for added hold throughout the day.

Undercut with Short Layers

One of the chicest short black hairstyles is a choppy pixie with feathered layers and bangs swept to one side – it makes a lovely statement and complements many face shapes! A short layered cut featuring an eye-catching mix of blonde and dark brown locks adds visual interest. It allows you to experiment with new hues without fully committing to dyeing your locks. Shaggy undercut bobs have incredible movement and texture when highlighted with pink, purple, or any other shades – creating a head-turning look that shows off your individuality and individual style.