Short and Curly Hairstyles

Finding the ideal look for short, curly locks requires more creativity. To achieve a more natural appearance, try pulling up your curls into a ponytail and adding face-framing strands for an undone style that makes an impression statement about who you are and your sense of style.

Modern Bobs

People of all textures can wear modern bobs and are especially good at complementing soft feminine waves that frame the face. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut that comes close along the neckline while having slightly longer layers that frame your features.


If you’re new to natural hair, TWA styling could be just what’s needed to get you going! Create creative TWA looks that define your curls for hours of fun. Plus, this option saves maintenance costs. To maintain it properly, keep your strands moisturized with leave-in conditioner and curl definition cream to keep this style looking its best!

Sophisticated Updos for Short, Curly Locks

Short, curly locks are necessary for sophisticated updos! With easy steps for creating this style and beautiful volume in both crown and nape areas, an updo is still achievable with short curls.

Adding Color to TWA

Add an unexpected element to your TWA by playing with different color options, such as adding a buttery blonde shade that adds an attractive shine.

Bantu Knots for TWA

Bantu knots are an elegant protective style suitable for TWA hair that makes an eye-catching statement on special occasions. Add extensions for even greater volume to achieve this beautiful style!

Cropped Curls

Modern variations on the classic bob, this style is ideal for curly hair. Ask your stylist to cut short layers around the neckline, with longer face-framing coils on top. This allows you to play with various styling techniques ranging from middle partings to faux hawks.

Bob with Bangs

A bob with bangs is an adorable and easy way to create an eye-catching look for any occasion. Add an accent of color for added drama.

Elegant and Feminine Choppy Layers

Ask your stylist to cut choppy layers all along your length for an elegant and feminine style. Choppy layers are flattering and easy to style using texturizing spray and some scrunching. Adding fades at the temples will balance out this texture look for an elegant and feminine style perfect for special events or business casual looks. This look could also work well as part of an updo style for weddings or other formal functions.

Messy Texture

Explore your natural wavy or curly texture and opt for a short, messy hairstyle to maximize its effect. Add sea salt spray for added dimension and texturizing products that add to this cute, trendy cut’s unkempt appearance.

Stacked Bob with Longer Ringlets

A stacked bob with more prolonged ringlets on one side is an attractive and low-maintenance way to show off your beautiful curl pattern and soften the contours of your face. Plus, this asymmetrical haircut requires minimal upkeep!

Mop Haircut

A mop haircut is an iconic style that complements almost all textures. Use a texturizing product to lightly tease your curls for a lived-in appearance and more defined definition. Pair this look with a high or low fade and neatly shaven facial hairs for a rock star look.

Choppy Curls with a Short Pixie Cut

Acknowledging your naturally curly texture with this choppy and spiky style is easy with a short pixie cut, simply trimming away at the sides and back of your hair. Hence, it has shorter layers than its top sections for an edgy appearance. Just use high-quality styling gel with a solid hold to maintain those coils!

Wavy and Choppy Bob with a Blonde Hue

Use an alluring, wavy, and choppy bob with an ash-blonde hue for a pleasing effect. The cool-toned shade helps highlight ringlets, while the stylish side fade adds an eye-catching element. For an informal style, sweep your choppy curls off one side for a flirty and feminine finish.

Iconic Bob with Choppy Style

A bob is one of women’s most iconic short and curly hairstyles, often with its signature choppy style that resembles pageboy with heavy middle parting for added drama and modernity. To add even more depth and dimension, add highlights to your locks for even greater size and depth.