Top 5 Short 4c hair Styles

This attractive style for short 4c hair involves two-strand rope twists. It is a protective style that lasts all day long.

Elegant Updo

Elegant updos are sophisticated and glamorous hairstyles for 4c hair. Halo braids are an excellent option for special events; adding flowers can elevate the look.

Mini Twists

This beginner-friendly style allows for easy cleaning and moisturization. It involves sectioning off pencil-width portions of hair and twisting them together.

Box Braids

Box braids are versatile and timeless, offering protection against environmental factors. Adding beads or pops of color can make them more eye-catching.

High Puff

A high puff keeps curls out of the face and can be accessorized with head wraps. It’s important to moisturize regularly to maintain this style.


This style combines elegance with an edge by creating tight spiral curls on the sides and pinning up the middle section. It can last up to one week with proper maintenance.