Shih Tzu Hair Styles

No matter the occasion or the reason for grooming your Shih Tzu, various hairstyles available could add character. Here, we outline several popular Shih Tzu styles you could try on your pup!

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is an easy, low-maintenance way to give your pet a youthful appearance. Popular among puppies, this style can look good on older pets as well.

Your dog’s puppy cut will involve having the fur-trimmed to an even length between 1-2 inches across their body, ears, tail, and head. They will use a clipper equipped with a long guard comb over its blade to avoid leaving behind any sharp edges or ridges in its fur and also use thinning scissors for an improved finish.

This hairstyle is ideal for busy pets and families with hectic schedules because it requires minimal upkeep. Like the teddy bear trim, this cut does not leave many loose or stray hairs behind that need brushing between appointments. Furthermore, this haircut can help prevent tangles or matting from developing in dogs with matted fur as it helps stop these problems from developing further.

Many owners prefer this trim because it reduces grooming sessions for their pets, making life easier for owners who have pets who dislike being groomed or those whose bodies cannot accommodate certain styles. It is beneficial for dogs who do not take well to being groomed or cannot bear certain styles, while it also suits older dogs who have become used to being groomed and can withstand it without incident.

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cuts can be adorable and simple-care options for dogs of any breed or size, offering maximum cuteness with minimal maintenance requirements. The main difference between this style and its predecessor, the puppy cut, is that longer fur on your dog’s face and ears creates a rounder appearance resembling that of a Teddy bear–making it ideal for curly-haired breeds like Poodles as well as those experiencing difficulty with shedding. They may also help lessen coats’ matting or tangles more effectively!

Start off by bathing and drying off your pet completely before using clippers to trim their body fur into uniform length. Next, scissors can shape longer locks around their face and ears before finishing off with a comb to give your teddy bear-inspired appearance.

Although this cut is suitable for most dogs, it should not be recommended for those with allergies. Due to being closer to their skin and trapping dirt and dander more effectively than longer fur does, shorter hair can trap irritants, which leads to irritation and inflammation in dogs with allergies. To combat this problem, be sure to regularly brush out their coat for loose hairs that may otherwise tangle the fur, and keep any loose ones tangle-free.

While the teddy bear and puppy cuts can help minimize how much your dog sheds, they may not be ideal if your canine sheds heavily or is prone to mats. In such instances, opt for a haircut with more body hair so it can be easily brushed free and remain tangle-free. In addition, both cuts may require more frequent grooming sessions.

Full Show Coat

Full show coats are worn for competitions like those held by AKC conformation rings and require regular grooming and bathing to keep its long hair looking neat and trimmed; unique drying towels are used to smooth and lie flat the coat, with particular care given to feathered ears that may become matted from chew toys or dental bones, which require special consideration if they become matted themselves. Most frequently seen on terriers and poodles.

Watch SmartPaker Viviane as she shows how to keep a full show coat on your pet dog.

Lion Cut

A Lion Cut is a hairdo that involves leaving long fur on the head to form a mane and short hair on the legs and tail for a “tiger” pattern on the body, as well as leaving long fur around the neck/chest area to form a mane or ruff. It is most frequently worn by cats with longer coats.

One popular reason for grooming a cat with long fur with the lion cut style is to avoid matting. Indoor and outdoor cats often develop mats that cannot be easily brushed out and cause painful skin irritation or infection, making lion cuts an effective and convenient solution. Furthermore, it reduces time spent brushing each inch of your pet’s coat, saving both you and your cat time and effort.

Another advantage of the lion cut haircut is for cats with sensitive skin or allergies. The cut helps decrease cat dander that your pet sheds, which may otherwise cause an allergic reaction in both people and other pets.

Not everyone appreciates the lion cut; some cats may find it difficult to adjust to such an abrupt change and may experience discomfort after having their fur clipped off. Furthermore, this grooming style may prove costly for pet owners if their cat requires regular visits to a groomer or veterinarian due to matting issues; therefore, pet owners must carefully consider its benefits and drawbacks before making any definitive decisions regarding having one done for their Maine Coon. Before making final decisions regarding such grooming style, consider this route.

Top Knot

The top knot may have experienced a surge in popularity during 2010, but this timeless and classic hairstyle remains timeless and classic. Perfect for men looking to add a sophisticated yet effortless style, the top knot works great whether straight or wavy hair is involved and is easy to style – to make your style truly stand out, add braids or hair accessories as accent pieces for added character!

Spray your hair with texture spray to add more grip and structure, then pull into a medium-height ponytail, leaving out some front strands. Secure it using pins. Alternatively, this look could also be accomplished using either high ponytails or lower buns


Try this style with side swoop bangs for an elegant yet feminine take on the top knot. Red highlights make this hairstyle even more impressive, perfect for special events and occasions alike. Stitch braids, dreadlocks, or box braids aficionados should try this hairstyle too as the vibrant hue makes the style stand out against more polished and sleek top knot styles.

If you want to step up your top knot style, try this cute, unique, and elegant, heart cornrow variation. This look is both charming and elegant all at the same time and would look lovely worn with a beautiful dress or to a lavish dinner party. To add a little drama, add long, sleek bangs – framing your face beautifully while adding an air of mystery!