Shaved Hair Designs For Men

Shaved hair designs can be an expressive way to express your creativity. Choose any pattern and combine it with your haircut for an individualistic style.

Shaved hair designs work best with thicker locks, though you can make them work even with thin locks by using Toppik hair-building fibers to fill in any missing spots.

3D Effect

Enhancing the depth of your haircut can set it apart, drawing more attention than ever to it. From abstract designs to 3D effects, depth-adding hairstyles make your cut stand out – making them excellent options for men who wish to show their artistic side.

S-Bang hair Design

An S-bang hair design takes considerable skill to execute successfully, so you must find a barber specializing in this style. It involves closely using clippers to fade the hair before shaving over it with a straight razor to form its design and maintaining it through regular visits.

3D Diamond

3D Diamond is an iconic style. This trendy trend features an angled shaved pattern with an equal density of hair and beards. Complemented by a temple fade haircut, this look looks very stylish. Additionally, this style can add volume to the hair and give a fuller, healthier appearance than thin or damaged locks alone.


Men who wish to stand out can add a fun flair with a star pattern to their buzz haircut. Your barber can use stencils or freehand the iconic star shape, creating a reversed effect along your hairline and beard area. This eye-catching style can make a statement about who you are as an individual – ensuring that they have experience working on shortcuts is ideal when designing this design.


Cross-in shaved hair designs are one of the most distinctive and eye-catching looks you can achieve, expressing individuality and creativity with any haircut style. Furthermore, this look works on men of all ages!

Try the Nordic arrowhead cross design if you want a more sophisticated look. It features decorative details that stand out against a low fade and require more time than usual to create. However, for this variation to succeed, its lines must be thicker than usual to stand out effectively.

I chained Cross Style. This variation of the cross design requires more skill from barbers to achieve. It features an accent line that looks like chained links connected to the cross design and requires skilled barbers to achieve flawless transitioning between styles.


Undershaves are famous men’s hairstyles in Goth, Cyber-goth, and Punk subcultures; all hair from temple height (along the sides and back of the head) to the nape of the neck is removed using razor blades or clippers. An inch above the crown area should typically remain undisturbed to be styled traditionally.

Maintaining this hairstyle requires regular haircuts; to keep its sleek appearance fresh, lather must be applied with high-quality shaving cream that moisturizes the scalp and locks.

Skrillex, an electronic music DJ and pioneer of the Undershave, made waves when he popularized it through Vikings as Ragnar Lothbrok. Following his footsteps, many men abandoned man buns for this more masculine look. You can use a hair clipper to shorten up any lengthy locks on the underside and nape of your head to facilitate an Undershave style hairdo.