Edgar hair Cut Design – Shag hair 2020

Long choppy layers are the key to a soft feathered shag. This style is reminiscent of the 1970s Stevie Nicks look, and it can last for months! To maintain this ethereal vibe, use Sexyhair Wetfix & Chill All-Style Dry Creme. You’ll want to apply this product before and after washing that to create the best bedhead-like effect.

Long and choppy layers have become the style of the decade for long curly hair. It is the easiest cut in the world and is suitable for all hair types, including those with thin or fine hair. In this style, layering is mostly focused around the face and is more pronounced for women with natural curly hair. A low air diffuser and a gel can add shine and texture to the style. To achieve a long curly shag, the layers are longer than those seen in a typical shag.