Shades of Grey Hair Color

Gray hair color comes in many beautiful hues – from silvery white to a deep salt-and-pepper blend – so find one you like and use a professional formula designed specifically for mature locks – these specially tailored formulas often cover grays more effectively while being free from drying ingredients like ammonia.

Dark Neutral Blonde

Dark blonde is an effective solution for lightening brown hair. Warm tones like buttery yellow or toasted almond can work well with most skin tones, while cooler hues such as ashy dark blonde may work better during winter and fall seasons. This choppy dark blonde bob utilizes neutral highlights along the face for an effortless, low-effort, high-impact style. Style it with side-swept fringe and black roots for an up-and-coming rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde is an elegant mix of warm and neutral tones that pairs beautifully with neutral, peach, yellowish, or even pinkish skin tones. Ask your colorist about adding lowlights or highlights for added dimension. Flaunt a golden blonde hair color with tousled locks for a seductive and flirty appearance that works for casual and formal events. Tousled waves will give off an alluring and inviting vibe, perfect for formal and informal affairs.

Copper Red

Copper reds offer a range of fiery hues that complement rosy complexions perfectly. Lighter copper shades pair nicely with chocolate brown hair to produce stunning, molten heads of strands – an eye-catching look perfect for the fall and winter! Ask your stylist to add a touch of dark copper shade to your rich chocolate brown locks, creating an exquisite ombre that exudes pumpkin spice!


Burgundy is an elegant red-purplish hue that exudes sophistication. This dark color goes well with velvet materials and hand-carved wood furniture. Burgundy hair color can be a smart way to disguise grays and keep your look current. With an ashy tone that looks natural and emphasizes graying at the ends rather than roots, burgundy can help conceal graying without being challenging to maintain. Furthermore, its universal hue blends well with many skin tones.


Mahogany is an ideal hue to experiment with for girls looking for a bold tint. Give this subtle mahogany balayage a try to add depth and dimension to dark bases. Carlina Ortega of Rita Hazan Salon suggests following a haircare routine designed to keep your mahogany hue looking its best. Frequent washings could lead to your shade fading over time, removing its vibrancy and sheen.

Honey Brown

Gray hair often gets an unfavorable reputation. However, with the proper dye application and styling techniques, gray locks can still look chic while remaining hidden from view. This ashy honey brown blends warm and cool tones for an eye-catching appearance – the ideal way to transition gracefully toward gray!

Dark Brown

Dark brown hair with gray highlights is ideal for concealing grey regrowth without transitioning entirely into solid silver hues. Warm shades like butterscotch or light auburn work best on skin tones closer to olive, while cooler tones like ash brown work perfectly on cooler complexions. No matter the technique used to apply this color treatment, balayage, or foliage, it blends beautifully into natural silver to conceal root growth. Furthermore, facial framing helps make greys less visible.

Copper Brown

Copper brown can serve as an adequate coverup shade for gray hair. Have your colorist paint face-framing pieces only with this golden hue to test its effects without undergoing extensive transformation. Lindsey Neavitt from Nine Zero One Salon gave musician Girl Wilde this spiced copper penny shade, which perfectly complements her medium tan skin tone. Try pairing this hue with strawberry blonde highlights for added dimension and extra glamor.

Natural Brown

Natural brown is a highly versatile shade between ashy and bronzy hues. This nude hue works best on neutral complexions with warm eye colors for an effortlessly beautiful result. Wood brown is a rich brown shade that complements most fair complexions well, making it an excellent option to transition into gray hair.

Medium Brown

From salt-and-pepper blends to snowy silver hues, finding the ideal shade of gray can help conceal any greys seamlessly. Add subtle peanut-colored highlights like those seen here on Alison Brie; classic cool browns like hers can be elevated for an eye-catching finish. Fair skin can look washed out when wearing lighter shades, so opt for a medium grey with warm undertones like slate, as this will ensure a great contrast and minimize washed-out tones. Also, be sure to use a color-protectedcolor-protect shampoo to safeguard against brassiness in your locks.