Sandalwood Brown hair Color – How to Get Gigi Hadid’s Look and Eva Mendes’ Highlights

Sandalwood brown hair is a beautiful mix of orange and brown colors. The combination of these two colors represents creativity, balance, friendliness, and calmness. These beautiful hues are perfect for summer and can make you feel great and confident. Read on to find out how to get Gigi Hadid’s look and how Eva Mendes achieved her honey-colored highlights. If you have never tried a sandy brown color, now is the time to try it out!

Gigi Hadid’s natural hair color


Gigi Hadid’s natural sandy blonde hair color is not the same as her bleached, white-blonde hair. Gigi Hadid, the model, went from a bright golden blonde to a lighter sandy shade earlier this year and then back again this winter. It seems as though the model is always on the go, so her hair is constantly in motion. If you’re considering a drastic hair color change, there are a few things you should know.


First of all, Gigi Hadid’s natural sandy blonde hair is very similar to Arianna Grande’s milky brown tresses. While her natural blonde hair color is a bit warmer, it’s not too much darker than Arianna Grande’s. You can use toning products to keep your new color from becoming too brassy. Aside from that, this look also complements her skin tone.


Although Hadid has worn several shades of blonde hair in the past, this recent transition is a welcome change. The former auburn blonde model was spotted out with a gingerbread red hair color in March on the Versace runway. Hadid has since been a brunette, making her one of the first A-listers to go from a light blonde to a dark shade of brown.

Kelly Rowland’s dark brown ‘do


Since she was a teenager, Kelly Rowland has become an icon in music and fashion. She is an artist, singer, songwriter, actress, and TV personality. She has released eight studio albums and has graced the covers of several magazines and red carpets. She has also given advice to Fifth Harmony, an R&B girl group. The dark-skinned Rowland has inspired a number of young women to follow in her footsteps.


One of the defining features of Kelly Rowland’s dark brown bob is that it is a true statement about her black heritage. In fact, she has taught her son Titan Jewell to embrace his black roots. The two of them have also started practicing self-love affirmations with Titan Jewell. In addition, Kelly Rowland’s dark brown ‘do reflects her love for her black roots.


The controversies surrounding Chris Brown’s hair have landed Rowland in hot water. Chris Brown has repeatedly denied using his black girlfriend as a sexy gimmick. However, Rowland has defended her son on social media and has since taken back her comments. The singer has also defended Rowland in his Instagram account. Despite the controversy surrounding Rowland’s hair color, the two singers have remained friends.

Eva Mendes’s honey-colored highlights


For the past few months, Eva Mendes has been rocking a new color on her hair: honey-colored highlights! The actress has been a brunette since the early ’90s, but her recent change is a perfect fit for lighter redheads or blondes looking to road-test red hair. But how did she achieve this unique shade? Here’s a look at how she achieved it.


While Gigi Hadid has blonde locks, her boyfriend Ryan Gosling has warm brown locks. Similarly, Eva Mendes’s honey-colored highlights perfectly pair with her voluminous waves. The actress teamed up with Los Angeles hairstylist Mikey Lorenzano to create this new look, and she posted a selfie revealing the transformation. But what’s so special about Eva Mendes’s new look? It’s definitely more than just a new color!


The first step to achieve Eva Mendes’s sultry hairstyle is to take a look at her natural skin tone. Her golden brown highlights will add a beautiful glow to her complexion, but they must be blended with her natural hair color to avoid looking washed-out. The second step is to use a medium-brown base to give your hair a mellow, even finish. Dark ash brown hair tends to blend well with a medium-brown base, but it will look even better on dark or olive complexions. It should also be layered, if necessary, to avoid being too harsh.