Sally’s Hair Color and hair Care Products

Sally Beauty relies heavily on hair color and care sales as its primary revenue stream. Self-expression during the pandemic fueled sales, leading to the purchase of vibrant hues. Sally Beauty supports textured hair brands, which account for approximately 30% of sales. Studio by Sally capitalizes on this customer base.

Dry Hair

Dry hair lacks natural oil, resulting in a lackluster appearance and susceptibility to frizz. Coarse strands are harder to manage compared to smooth, oily locks. External factors like winter air, frequency of washing, and drying ingredients in products can contribute to dryness. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with shea butter, avocado oil, and keratin can help prevent dryness. Incorporating leave-in treatments, such as deep conditioning masks, can hydrate the scalp and ends. Sally Beauty offers various options for leave-in therapies, including those with tea tree oil to cleanse the scalp.

Oily Hair

Oily hair can be hard to style and often appears greasy after washing. It may also lead to scalp issues like dandruff. Using clarifying shampoo regularly can remove buildup and eliminate excess oil. Astringents and other cleansing products can also help manage oily locks. A healthy diet, avoiding over-styling, and selecting products for oily hair can further prevent excessive greasiness. Sally Beauty offers a wide selection of products for different hair types.

Damaged Hair

Hair damage occurs when the outer layer of the cuticle becomes cracked or damaged due to various factors like sun exposure, heat styling, brushing practices, and chemical treatments. Damaged hair loses shine, becomes easily tangled, and is prone to breakage and split ends. Sally Beauty offers products to repair different forms of hair damage. They recently launched an ad campaign celebrating vibrant locks and collaborating with TikTok creators and influencers.

Colored Hair

Many women color their hair for aesthetic purposes. Harsh shades can damage blonde strands, so choosing colors with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin or keratin protein is essential. Shampoos with tea tree oil can help cleanse the scalp and make hair easier to manage. For natural brunettes, Sally Beauty’s Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Creme Hair Color offers vibrant shades that last up to six weeks. The formula contains hydrating mango oil, nourishing vegan protein, amino acids, and softening shea butter.

Studio by Sally

Studio by Sally provides an enhanced shopping experience in Denton, Texas. Customers can discover DIY beauty services and shop for beauty products. Licensed stylist-educators guide consumers in coloring their hair at home, offering tips for salon-quality results. Studio by Sally also hosts workshops and events demonstrating techniques like blowouts and curls.