How to Get a Ryan Gosling Haircut

Crew Cut

A classic crew cut is a stylish and timeless look for short hair. Keep the sides and back clipped short, and style the top with gel or pomade for a sophisticated style that works for any occasion.

Casual Comb Over

Ryan Gosling’s casual comb over in Crazy Stupid Love features a longer top section brushed back with a slight side part. Achieve this look by getting a scissor cut on the sides and back, and ask for some heavier texture on top for a distinct comb over look.

Side Part

For a fashionable look, go for a “semi buzz cut” by keeping longer hair on top and shorter on the sides. Ask your barber to cut the side sections shorter and brush the hair back into a sleek coif for an eye-catching yet low maintenance haircut.

Clean Crew Cut

In the movie Drive, Ryan Gosling sported a clean crew cut with short sides and slightly longer top.

Gangster Squad Look

The Gangster Squad look involves slicking back and to the side for a stylish and sleek appearance. This hairstyle works best for those with medium to thick natural texture hair, and a high shine pomade can help achieve the desired look.

Side Comb Over

Ryan Gosling’s iconic comb over hairstyle is a timeless look that works for any occasion. Ideal for men with straight or wavy hair, you can use hair wax or pomade to maintain its neat and tidy appearance.

Ivy League Haircut

Also known as a clean-cut style, the Ivy League haircut features short sides and back with longer length on top. You can style this cut using products or leave it naturally dry for a polished look.

Long Hair

If you have long hair, you can achieve a dapper and sophisticated look by getting shorter sides and back haircuts, and using pomade on the top section for a slicked back style that works well for formal events.

Comb Over

For a sharp and polished look, get a short haircut on the sides and back, leaving medium length hair at the top to sweep back or comb over. Pair this hairstyle with a classic stubble beard for an elegant casual/formal combination.