Long Layered hair For Round Faces

With the appropriate cut and styling, long layered hair can be very flattering on round faces. Its feminine qualities are enhanced when worn either up or down; furthermore, it helps slim the face while emphasizing the best features of your particular facial structure.

A side-swept, wavy lob

A side-swept, wavy lob is ideal for round faces as it helps narrow the width and draw attention down toward your cheekbones, making them appear longer. Cappuccino highlights add depth and dimension to this chic style.

Textured lob

Long layers look fabulous with different lengths of hair. When styled textured and bleached, they add dimension and light-catching highlights that make the haircut even more eye-catching. This style works exceptionally well on thicker locks as it gives them the appearance of fullness and density.

Choppy lobs with long curtain bangs

Choppy lobs with long curtain bangs enhance a round face shape by emphasizing its features, particularly elongating the nose and cheekbones. A little height at the crown and side-swept fringe also help soften its roundness. For this look, ask your stylist to craft a symmetrical cut with layers at various angles and use volumizing mousse to lift at the roots. Finish by teasing hair slightly before spraying hairspray for a chic casual style that will complement any outfit, from boardroom meetings to glamorous evening events!

Dreadlocks updo

Try this dreadlocks updo if you want a long hairstyle for round faces that will make you look stunning. Though challenging to pull off successfully, this hairstyle looks stunning when worn by women with fuller face frames as it helps conceal parts of their cheeks and jaws, making their faces appear slimmer than before. This type of long hairstyle also makes an elegant statement at weddings or black-tie events.

Face-framing waves and highlights

One of the most flattering hairstyles for round faces is a shag cut with lots of razored layers that creates a stunning blend from layer to layer while adding volume, which helps combat flattening effects from round faces and helps them look fuller and lifeless. Furthermore, its face-framing layers’ softer edges eliminate harsh lines that may clash with circular forms. The key to perfecting this style is ensuring the shortest layers don’t extend past your earlobe; they should stop just above your chin and gradually lengthen as they approach your face.

Pink hair

Bright and bold colors like pink can also slim down a round face when worn high on the head. Highlights near your cheekbones and temples help draw the eye upwards and lengthen your features, allowing your face appear longer. Pink provides an elongated silhouette. Your stylist can use this shade to emphasize your hairline, temples, and jawline while creating contrast with the rest of your facial structure. Pink strands in a light wash will flatter any skin tone while adding dimension to chin-length hair.

Long wavy mermaid bobs with side-swept curls

Long wavy mermaid bobs with side-swept curls are an exquisite choice for women looking for romantic styles in their hair. Their romantic appeal lies in drawing attention away from your face, emphasizing your eyes and cheekbones, and heightening their dramatic features even further. Gigi Hadid makes this style look especially beautiful by layering her soft bangs under layers tucked for maximum effect – pair this style with winged eyeliner for an evening out with friends or your significant other!