Long Layered Hair Ideas For Round Faces

Long layered hair can create the illusion of a thinner and longer neck. Just ensure to avoid center partings or any symmetry to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs can add definition and highlight cheekbones on round faces. Their extended length also makes this style a good option for dark complexions.

Asymmetrical Layers

Asymmetrical layers add movement to your hair and frame the face beautifully, making this style ideal for anyone seeking length without changing their face shape. Remember, if you have rounder eyes, elongate the layers several centimeters below your chin for oval-shaped faces for optimal results for optimal results.

Add Bangs

Add bangs for an updated take on this style; they will add height and draw attention to your cheekbones and jawline, as Lana Condor did with her long layered haircut featuring sweeping bangs that perfectly complemented her face shape. If you have afro-textured hair, add balayage highlights for an eye-catching style. Bantu knots may also help highlight its texture for an enhanced dramatic look.

Dreadlocks Updo

Those who appreciate dreadlocks’ natural beauty and spiritual vibe will appreciate this long-layered hairstyle. Dreads provide ample versatility when styling into various shapes; twist your dreads in two to create an elegant look or style them loose ponytail-style; braid them for added glamor or add colored locs for an extravagant finish! Queen Latifah shows how this chic hairstyle can be worn confidently for casual events; her tight tendrils frame her face perfectly to emphasize its features. Your dreadlocks can also be styled in an updo like Lupita Nyong’o’s for formal occasions and parties, making it ideal for parties and legal affairs. Customize this look by adding accessories such as headbands or jewelry pieces.


A braided crown style is one of the best long-layered hair ideas for round faces. This delicate, feminine style works beautifully across all face shapes. Additionally, it helps elongate the face for formal events – Hayden Panettiere recently donned this style and looked absolutely breathtaking! The key to creating the look of long layered hair for round faces lies in its braid placement: front ones should be placed a few centimeters below the chin to elongate and balance out proportions. You can use either volumizing mousse or regular hairspray for this style. Kirsten Dunst’s curtain bangs are soft and eyelash-skimming, with a slight part in the center helping to elongate her face shape. She paired this look with a low, messy bun featuring tendrils left around her face for added softening effects – an elegant but simple style perfect for any event!

Long Wavy

Long wavy layers add volume and lengthen the appearance of your face when worn with a middle part, adding volume and increasing the look. For more subtle results, opt for longer layers starting just below your chin that only add slight volume or texture toto your hair’s top section. Kirsten Dunst’s feminine, layered bob with soft curtain bangs is a feminine look that draws out her natural beauty. The eyelash-skimming cracks define Kirsten’s cheekbones while simultaneously concealing unflattering fullness around her eyes and mouth. To recreate it yourself, slightly tease your hair before applying a volumizing mousse or hairspray to add dimension and dimension to your waves. Jennifer Lawrence embodies this look beautifully with her long wavy locks in a tawny brown or copper color, perfect for special occasions and everyday wear. These long locks frame her face subtly without looking overly formal.