Round Face Long haircuts and Blue Anime Model

For a round face, the best long style is asymmetrical. The angled shape breaks up the symmetry of the face and draws attention to your eyes and jawline. A side part with tendrils around your face makes that appear luscious. Short, layered cuts can be worn down to the jawline or swept over the shoulders. To add curls to that, scrunch it and use a Velcro curler to create soft waves.

Whether you have a round face or not, an inverted pixie style is the perfect haircut for you. This style has a center part and a long side part to frame your eyes and smooth your forehead. To add more volume, add a little ash blonde to that. You can also add a bit of texture to your locks with a volumizing mousse. A layered style is another great option for round faces.

Many women are looking for ways to add texture to round face long hair haircuts. Depending on the length of the hair, a low messy bun with a side part might be the best choice. If you want a shorter version, a low ponytail is also a great choice. You can even use a velcro curler to add some extra volume and sex to the style. In addition, a dramatic center part can give that a flirty look.

The sleek comb-over is an elegant round face long style. This style reaches just above the shoulders. The layered cut can sweep along the cheeks and is also an excellent choice for full faces. To balance the widening effect, curl the hair closer to the roots than the front. Another way to make your face appear longer is to wear elongated earrings. The collarbone bob is one of the most classic long styles for round faces.