Pretty Pink Shades For Blonde Hair

Pretty pink shades are timeless additions to any blonde hair color palette. This particular shade features delicate rose highlights and lowlights that blend harmoniously with buttery golden blonde for an ideal result.

Strawberry Blonde on Brunettes

Strawberry blonde is an eye-catching hue, especially on brunettes. However, for optimal results, it should only be applied by professionals, as this color tends to turn orange when not adequately toned.

Soft Curls

This chic shade provides the ideal solution for brunettes experimenting with rose gold trends without over-bleaching their locks. A stylist can create this look by strategically applying rose gold dip dye to the mid-lengths of your hair in an organic manner to blend seamlessly. Lighter rose gold shades look great for highlighting and can be styled with loose beachy curls for a face-framing and voluminous appearance.

Light Pink Highlights

Light pink highlights are another fantastic way to add dimension and life to blonde locks, particularly warm-toned blondes. Celebrities like Kim K, Bella Hadid, and Sienna Miller are known for rocking this shade.

Blunt Bob

No matter your hair texture, a sleek blunt bob is an eye-catching style that exudes confidence. This haircut looks beautiful from all angles and can be combined with side-swept fringe and subtle highlights for added flair.

Jagged Bangs with Blunt Bob

A blunt bob with jagged bangs is an eye-catching style that frames your face elegantly. The bold color adds drama while maintaining a feminine and chic look.

Polished Finish for Rose Gold Pink Blonde Locks

To create a polished finish for rose gold pink blonde locks, use a GHD Straightener and Pureology Shine Bright Taming Serum. This protective style controls flyaways, highlights the rose gold pink-blonde hues, and adds impeccable shine.

Rose Gold Ombre

If bleaching your hair for rose gold tones seems daunting, try opting for more subtle yet fashionable hues like this washed-out version. This neutral rose hue combines soft pink and blonde techniques for a stylish, understated look.

Strawberry Blond Rose Gold Balayage

This style works beautifully with brown roots and requires minimal maintenance as it grows out. It looks equally stunning on wavy or curly hair textures.

Muted Rose Color

This muted rose color is ideal for those who want to introduce pink into their hair without going all out. The gold-rose shade blends seamlessly with buttery blonde locks for a romantic and soft appearance.

Reverse Ombre

Reverse ombre is an effective way to customize platinum highlights. Delicate rose gold hues are painted throughout bleached strands to achieve this unique shade. Regular use of Dove Style Care Smooth