Rockabilly Hair Styles

Rockabilly hair is a style inspired by iconic musicians and movie stars from rockabilly music and movies. While greaser styles typically consist of sleek back types that show signs of grease build-up, Rockabilly features partings styled to one side for added character.

Taper faded sides paired with a short pompadour is an updated take on this iconic diner-era style. Pair this look with a poodle skirt for added charm!


A pompadour is one of the signature rockabilly styles. Renowned for its timeless beauty and classic elegance, this look adds an air of refinement to any gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether you opt for a textured quiff or sleek style, pompadours will grab everyone’s attention at your next gathering!

To achieve this look, begin by combing back your hair into a low ponytail and using your fingertips to lift up and toward the front of your head the top layers. Finally, coat your fingertips with pomade and run them through any lifted strands to form them into shape.

This trendy style combines a classic rockabilly quiff with a contemporary fade. Perfect for men looking for a retro style with modern appeal. This sophisticated cut can also suit gents with naturally straight hair; those with curlier locks should blow-dry before styling to achieve volume.

Psycho Quiff

The quiff is an iconic hairstyle, distinguished by its high, combed-back appearance that signifies masculinity and power. A popular choice among rockabilly enthusiasts like Elvis or Jim Dean, creating this style requires only minimal pomade to achieve a sleek, shiny finish.

Psychobilly is a musical subgenre that marries rockabilly with punk music. Psychobilly fans, known as Psychos, possess an unmistakable look and attitude; their clothing recalls fifties style, such as tight jeans with rolled-cuffs and Doc Martin or Creeper shoes; in addition, Psychobilly Quiff hairstyle, which combines pompadour-mohawk characteristics while sporting close-shaven sides is a trademark for this subgenre.

Psychobilly Quiffs can be created easily with just a little Reuzel pomade. Begin with freshly washed and damp hair, apply a palm full of product to roots using a comb or brush, and work into style using more resilient pomades; for an alternative rockabilly style, use soft pomades, avoiding twists in manner.


A greaser hairstyle is a timeless 1950s trend that blends elements from Elvis Presley’s pompadour and James Dean’s rugged quiff into one stylish style. This look features extra length on the top styled back using pomade and taper fade sides with side partings for added realism.

This style is ideal for men with straight or wavy hair who wish to create an easily managed yet masculine appearance. Apply some gel or pomade and comb forward.

Greasers were an emerging working-class youth subculture of the 1950s that persisted into the mid-1960s, first manifesting in listening to rock-and-roll music and dressing like singers such as Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette or Johnny Burnette, wearing clothing inspired by them as well as sporting bowling-style shirts or wearing T-shirts featuring them as attire. Like Ponyboy, they idolized Elvis because he looked and behaved cool.

Victory Roll

Victory Rolls were popular hairstyles during the 1940s. They got their name from airplane maneuvers that produced vapor trails in the shape of victory signs, providing pin-up girls an outlet to express their personalities while supporting the military.

Create this timeless classic look easily and with some time and patience. Begin by sectioning your hair into two vertical halves. Take one half of the top section, grab it with both fingers, wrap it around them until a complete victory roll is formed, secure it with bobby pins, then repeat on the other side of the head.

Add brightness and modernize the style by incorporating vibrant hues into your victory rolls for an exciting update that stands out in any crowd. This variation looks particularly significant on women with short hair; pin each roll along its side using hair gel before rolling it up into a tight coil!