Robert Pattinson Hairstyles


Slicked-back hairstyles can be ideal for guys with long locks. They give them a sleek and powerful appearance while still looking formal enough for formal events. The key to creating this look is using products to sculpt it; styling gel, control paste or wax, and round brushes are necessary tools.

Long Bangs

Robert Pattinson became famous for his stunning locks as Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, making them his signature look. Over time he’s tried various hairstyles, from long and flowing to short and spiky! He recently introduced his new look for his movie The King, where he plays Dauphin of France alongside Timothee Chalamet. His sandy brown locks feature clipper cuts along the back and sides, while jagged cuts create maximum volume and texture on top. For this style, apply a small amount of medium-hold styling gel through the roots of your hair and slick the lid back off your face and away from your eyes to achieve an effortlessly mature look.


Enhancing the appearance of your hair by adding texture and volume is an excellent way to refresh its look. To get optimal results, however, use styling products with a light fragrance that is easy to work into the locks – too much may leave it looking oily or crunchy! Choose products without a strong aroma that allows you to manage them yourself for the best results. Robert Pattinson first made an impactful cinematic mark as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Still, he was famous for playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight series films. In the movie Cosmopolis, he wears his hair slicked back. Combining this look with a side-swept hairstyle creates an aged yet stylish appearance that perfectly embodies his character.


Many men struggle to find a hairstyle that flatters them perfectly, which is where a great barber comes in handy – they can make even simple haircuts like combovers, and slicked-back hair look fantastic. Robert Pattinson is known for sporting his hair in old-fashioned styles to play his roles better. For instance, in Little Ashes, he donned several different looks to embody Cedric Diggory, and again for Edward Cullen in Twilight movies. At last night’s Go Go Gala in Los Angeles, Robert Pattinson made headlines for sporting an unconventional new hairstyle that combined elements from his mohawk and undercut styles. Although this unique style was unorthodox and striking, it looked great.

Long hair on Top

Pattinson has made a career out of taking roles that allow him to showcase his acting range, from romantic comedies and horror flicks all the way up to superhero films. Robert was inspired by Eric Packer of Cosmopolis when selecting a hairstyle that exuded wealth, consisting of slicked-back locks parted on one side with the top flipping to another side – perfect for longhaired men who wish to give off an informal vibe and try something different. To achieve this look, apply a light-hold gel to damp hair and style with your fingers to achieve sleekness and minimize cowlicks or uneven areas that might otherwise show. Adding more hold or shine with pomade may also work.