Remy Hair – The Best Choice For Your Next Set of Extensions

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is a type of human hair with its strands aligned in one direction for durability and tangle-free wearability, making it the ideal option for your next set of extensions.

The Difference between Remy hair and Non-Remy Hair

Non-remy hair may be cheaper, but its texture doesn’t look natural and tangles easily. Manufacturers collect non-remy hair from brushes and salon floors before stripping and coating it in silicone to conceal its lower quality. On the other hand, Remy hair is 100% human hair and always appears soft and shiny.

The Collection Process of Remy Hair

Understanding how hair is collected is essential to ensure you receive a high-quality product. Some monks collect Remy hair by either shaving it off donated hair or binding and cutting it together so the strands remain aligned properly. However, most Remy hair comes from salons or individuals selling their own.

The Tangle-Free Nature of Remy Hair

Remy hair differs from other varieties by having intact cuticles that all face in one direction, thereby decreasing matting and tangling. This variety is much softer than other varieties of human hair and appears natural when matched with your own locks.

The Durability of Remy Hair

Remy hair is of the highest quality human hair available and therefore the most costly. Its cuticles remain intact and aligned, making it stronger and longer-lasting compared to other types of hair. Remy hair can withstand numerous treatments such as dyeing or texturizing without compromising its quality.

The Affordability of Remy Hair

Remy human hair tends to be more expensive due to the way it’s collected and processed. It is collected from women who voluntarily donate their locks and then carefully sorted and prepared for export.


Choosing Remy human hair extensions will not only provide a beautiful and natural appearance but also offer durability and longevity compared to other forms of hair extensions.