Capslockramen’s Curly hair Routine Goes Viral on Reddit

Curly hair (also referred to as curlies or wavies) can be difficult to care for properly, yet one woman has shared her regimen on Reddit, where it went viral.

Reddit user capslockramen posted before-and-after photos from four years apart that demonstrate dramatic curly transformations.

Subreddits r/wavyhair is an offshoot of r/curlyhair dedicated to those with wavy or low porosity curls. This community follows a recommended routine called The Curly Girl Method which emphasizes several key practices such as avoiding detergents and silicones as well as no-pooing (co-washing).

Curly Girl Facebook Groups

“Frustration posts” are among the most frequent posts on r/curlyhair subreddit, where curlies (and wavies) express dissatisfaction with their results and are close to giving up. Commenters usually offer advice, including reminding their fellow curlies that this journey takes time – not overnight results!

Another prevalent debate was over shampoo use. According to the Curly Girl Method, 23% favored its use despite my advocated that co-washing with conditioner instead is preferable in order to help prevent build-up of product, dirt, oil, and debris on the scalp.