Red and Orange Hair Color Trends

Opting for the appropriate orange hue can give your locks a modern edge. Showcase your fiery side by embracing this trend with a burnt orange bob.

Orange-red ombre hair color offers a more gradual trend for those who want to commit less to bold hair colors; dark roots allow them to ground this hue.

Peach Hair

Peach hair color is ideal for anyone looking for a pastel shade that complements warmer skin tones, particularly those who naturally have reddish undertones in their complexion, helping brighten it up!

Peach balayage can range from subtle to highly noticeable, depending on your desired look. This example shows an elegant combination of peach and pink tones for an attractive rosy hue, seamlessly transitioning into her warm copper hair tones.

To maintain the vibrancy of your peach hair, always choose a shampoo designed for colored locks. Ensure the formula is free from sulfates and gentle on color – this will keep it vibrant!