Blue and Green Hair Colors

Experimenting with hair color is one of the best ways to express yourself. Blue and green hues are two popular combinations.

Red Shampoo for Green Hair

Red shampoo or conditioner can quickly fix green hair by neutralizing its unfavorable tint without stripping away too much of its original hue.

Burgundy Red

Burgundy red is an elegant and versatile shade that complements many hair lengths and textures, adding drama and drawing attention to facial features such as your eyes. Burgundy red makes an eye-catching statement and will enhance any ensemble with its classic yet fresh appeal.

Creating a Gorgeous Burgundy Look

Your stylist can create a gorgeous burgundy ombre or balayage to complement your natural shade and bring out its full potential, creating an eye-catching look that highlights both curls and darker tones of brown. If you have light blonde or platinum hair, a bolder burgundy shade complements your complexion more than more golden scarlet hues. In addition to brightening up your locks against their skin tones, burgundy doesn’t require bleaching, making the process less damaging on locks and scalp.

Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola hair color stands out as one of the sexiest options for bold red hues, being popular on TikTok and with Lana del Rey vinyl records, summer carnival nights, or Wednesday Addams wearing her iconic black-and-white outfit.

Maintaining Vibrant Burgundy

Burgundy hues make a striking impression, regardless of skin tone or hair color. They can be applied all over or layer upon pre-lightened strands for easy customization based on each client’s natural dark hue. Contrary to other vivid red shades, this hue slowly fades. Regular deep conditioning treatments must also be carried out to keep this vibrant shade vibrant and glossy.

Green Skunk Stripes

Green Skunk Stripe’s hair adds a bold take on a timeless color trend, adding a vibrant hue to black strands to frame the face and express personality. This daring coloring technique grabs attention and communicates your features for maximum impact. Money pieces or halo highlights work well on all hair lengths but stand out, particularly on short haircuts like pixie cuts and bobs. For those hesitant to experiment with bold shades, lighter variations of this hue might be more suitable; blonde shades offer excellent contrast, while medium or warm brown tints may provide more natural results. Optimal color maintenance requires specific shampoo and conditioner for color-treated strands and a leave-in treatment to protect against heat damage.