5 Really Long Hairstyles

No matter your style or look, long hair is adaptable and versatile. To maintain a healthy mane and ensure moisturized locks, it is crucial that the waves stay healthy and watered regularly.


Layers are essential when styling long hair. A layered haircut provides volume throughout your mane while eliminating that dense “hair helmet” look that often occurs with long locks. Layered haircuts work on thin and thick strands and perfectly suit most face shapes.

Layered cuts can also add dimension and body to curls if they exist in your locks, creating an undone and texturized style that still looks seductive when highlighted with balayage highlights.

If you want your long hair to have an airy and light feel, ask your stylist for side-swept layers with a slant or side sweep. After, comb back your strands to create an elegant windswept style and style them according to your personal taste – whether straight or curly locks are involved; this layered hairstyle makes an attractive option for every event!


Long hair with bangs is a timeless trend. Whether your preference lies with choppy layers or soft waves, this style makes an effortless statement about yourself and can easily be styled using a straightener or texturizing spray. This style also works well if you have balayage or ombre color and needs something a little less casual when worn daily.

Full fringes and Jane Birkin-esque side-swept pieces are often the perfect finishing touches to any look, while for something edgier, ask your stylist to add piecey bangs that sit slightly off-center.

Give your tresses an elegant and sexy flair by adding blonde balayage highlights. These contrasting colors help thicken and enrich the hair of dark brunettes, especially those with thin locks. For light waves, feather out the crown by adding blonde lowlights. This makes your strands appear fuller while framing the face beautifully while making you look fabulous at once!


Your long locks look beautiful when styled, but shine when curled. Achieve a beachy wave or keep things subdued with caramel balayage is simple yet striking with this effortless style that requires minimal upkeep yet leaves an impactful statement.

When your hair is wet, prepare it for curling by applying styling mousse and detangling it with a wide-tooth comb. Next, snag a section of hair and wrap it around a barrel curling iron until all areas have beautiful coils.

If you’re concerned with having greasy locks, try wetting and curling your locks the day after shampooing – dirty hair often holds curls better than its clean counterpart! Finish it off with shine spray for magazine-ready results.


Textured styles are an excellent way to frame your face and add interest and dimension to your long locks. Try a center part with tousled, face-framing layers and some subtle balayage highlights – this look works exceptionally well if you like sleek but relaxed styles like this!

If you want to elevate the long locks you already possess, opt for an angled shoulder-length cut that offers all the advantages of long hair without extra weight or upkeep. A long layered haircut with feathered ends is a beautiful way to display your beautiful mane without constantly applying styling products throughout the day.

Besides braids, mermaid waves, and bombshell blowouts, long tresses can also be styled in romantic ’50s side-sweep waves to accentuate your face shape. This feminine hairstyle will complement square or round facial features while satisfying those with fine to medium hair textures.