Inspiration For A Rainbow Hair Look

Having rainbow hair is more than just a fashion statement! It’s also a sign of confidence. Amandla Stenberg, the Oscar-winning actress who plays Queen Elizabeth II, has been praised for her beautiful, dazzling rainbow locks. The actress is an inspiration for women everywhere! Here’s how to get her look.

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg is a Hollywood beauty chameleon who’s not afraid to flaunt her rainbow locks. She recently shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing rainbow-colored Hair and a colorful trench coat. In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Stenberg talks about how she found love, finding her own true self, and her connection to the movie The Hate U Give.

The Hollywood actress is on a beauty hot streak lately, and her rainbow locks are no exception. At last month’s BET Awards, Stenberg wore unicorn-inspired box braids. She also coordinated her eyeshadow for a matching effect. She’s taken the rainbow Hair trend to new heights.


Amandla Stenberg has been labeled a “intersectional feminist superstar” and the “voice of a generation.” In fact, Beyonce wants Blue Ivy to grow up to look like her. The 16-year-old star isn’t afraid to speak out on issues she cares about. She came out as gay earlier this year and has also been vocal about colorism in Hollywood.