Putting Short hair Up

When it comes to styling short hair up, there are numerous options. Whether it is for a casual date or a formal event, there will surely be one or more ways to achieve the desired style.

Elegant Updo

Elegant updos can add an elegant and refined look to any appearance, particularly for formal events. There’s sure to be an updo style perfect for any woman, from simple and sleek techniques to those looking for more drama.

Twisted Updo

The flat twist updo is an eye-catching and sophisticated style, as well as being protective. This style protects natural hair from heat deterioration and environmental damage by twirling two strands close to your scalp before pinning them together – creating a chic updo that can last several days.

Twisted Low Buns

Low-twisted buns are an elegant option to try when attending any formal occasion, as well as being extremely easy to do and requiring minimal hair products for application.

Messy Updo

Thin hair can be challenging to style into a chic but not sloppy updo, which is why this messy updo works perfectly for light locks.