Pushed Back Hairline

Hair Extensions

hair extensions can be an excellent way to cover a widow’s peak and hide a receding hairline. There are various styles available that can be applied professionally or at home. Natural-looking extensions can be dyed and toned to match your natural hair color and texture.

Clip-in Styles

Clip-in hair extensions are great for an instant makeover, significantly if your hairline is receding. Use gentle products without sulfates or alcohol to maintain the extensions. Human-hair clip-ins, like RPZL clip-ins made of Remy’s hair, blend seamlessly with your natural hair. They can be styled in different ways, such as ponytails, topknot twists, or braids.


For men with crooked hairlines, there are options to conceal them. Toppik is an effective solution to make the forehead appear fuller. Wearing a durag or hat can also hide an uneven hairline. Consider the crew cut, which involves shaving all but a small section at the front of your head. Communication with your barber is crucial to avoid miscommunication and costly errors.


Using brushes or combs to style hair can stress the hairline and cause breakage. Switching to soft bristled brushes and being cautious with heat styling can help prevent breakage. Consulting and sticking with one barber for consistent haircuts is beneficial. Avoid further pushing back the hairline by using accessories like hats, durags, scarves, or wigs.