How to Dye Purple and Orange Hair

Purple and orange hair will surely draw people’s attention; pair these vibrant colors with a wavy pixie cut for an eye-catching yet fashionable style.

The purple dye can help transform bleached orange hair, but the shade you select should correspond with its base orange tone. If your orange tends more towards yellow or a reddish-orange manner, purple may need to provide adequate coverage.

Blue and Purple Hair

If your hair has brassy orange tones, adding purple dye may help neutralize and create an eye-catching mix of colors. Keep in mind this semi-permanent dye should only be applied on pre-bleached strands to avoid damage; additionally, for optimal results, this vibrant fantasy color should only be used by professionals.

Create the galaxy dye effect to add blue and purple highlights to your look. This technique involves mixing shades of blue and purple to form a gradient look reminiscent of night sky stars.

Make an Instagram Likes statement by opting for a dark root melt with purple highlights to achieve a mermaid-inspired style! This can add color without completely bleaching your locks – perfect for ladies with shorter waves who want an Instagram Like!

Mermaid Hair

Unleash your inner sea goddess with an ocean-inspired hair color look! Vivid blues and greens look gorgeous alone, w; together, they form an irresistible mermaid effect.

If you’re intimidated by bold mermaid hair colors, try opting for something less extreme, like pastel versions of them instead. This color blend combines lilac and blue hues for an eye-catching yet dreamy appearance that still draws attention.

Jewel tones add an eye-catching pop of color that is sure to dazzle, looking a dramatic touch. Emerald and sapphire hues will provide an eye-catching hue splash that will leave an impressionable impression.

Orange hair dye won’t lighten all shades of red hair as the purple dye does; for realistic mermaid effects on red-toned strands, select an orange hue closer to your natural coloring for optimal results. It will create an underwater-inspired shade that looks gorgeous when worn curly or wavy.

Purple and Teal Hair

Purple and teal hair color choices can make an eye-catching statement, drawing attention from passersby while showing individuality. Many who opt for this look often have progressive attitudes and enjoy being different; thus, they often choose purple/teal-dyed locks as a statement about themselves and show they value individuality.

As this color may not suit all hair types, it’s wise to consult a professional stylist before trying it on yourself. When using color-safe shampoos and conditioners, avoid washing them too often to maintain their vibrancy and avoid fading premature hue.

If you need more clarification about committing to a full head of purple hair, try opting for streaks instead. A few periwinkle strands will make your eyes pop while brightening your face – or ask your stylist to create galaxy-inspired color blends that will turn heads wherever they go! Millennials especially will appreciate this trend that promises to turn heads wherever it goes.

Pink and Purple Hair

Soft pastel pink and purple balayage is an easy way to add color to any length. From short pixie cuts to beachy waves, this coloring technique will flatter your look and complement any outfit.

Typically, bleaching your locks before dying would be required to achieve this hue, but those seeking less damaging alternatives, such as box dyeing solutions,, can still complete it successfully.

Purple shades like lilac and violet are ideal for anyone experimenting with trends without going overboard. These colors complement different skin tones beautifully and will draw the eye wherever you step out wearing your hair. As seen here, a subtle blend of lilac and violet looks especially striking against dark hair; its presence helps balance out its hues so they appear more natural.