Bold Color Accents in Punk Hair

Punk hairstyles with eye-catching color accents stand out.

These eye-catching looks can be combined with various haircuts for an eye-catching appearance that speaks volumes about who you are.

Red spiky mohawks are an iconic punk hairstyle for guys.

This look becomes even more dramatic and stylish when worn with a faux hawk.

Raccoon hair is a bold look that combines shaved sides with long, spiky top sections dyed in vibrant hues for an eye-catching accent to any outfit.

This look adds a fun and playful flair that will turn heads!


The Mohawk may have its roots in punk rock from the 1970s, but today its use can suit anyone and isn’t limited to anti-establishment types – athletes sport them to look fierce on the field; celebrities wear it to stay relevant (Kingston has an especially striking version), and ex-boy band members use them as proof they still have it (Kyle and Lance are particularly notable examples of this trend).

Put together an elegant punk look by cutting your hair into a low taper fade with a long center section swept to one side for this sleek punk style.

Add color for more dramatic flair. For those not ready for total Mohawk commitment, try a faux hawk, which involves trimming only parts of your sides rather than completely shaving them, then styling into pompadour style pompadour looks are a good compromise between looking stylish on weekends while remaining professional during the week.


As one of the iconic styles associated with punk hair, an undercut is an excellent way to demonstrate your rebellious side. This hairstyle features long top layers paired with short sides, and a buzzed back that creates a sense of contrast, which can be dressed up or down depending on the event or occasion.

Make your punk short hairstyle stand out by adding a fiery red shade – sure to attract attention and add some edge.

When selecting your dye, be sure it has been created explicitly for male hair, as this will less likely cause over-bleaching or other damage. Dark shadow roots are trending and provide your punk look with a more subdued edge. This style can also serve as an excellent way for girls just starting to explore their creative sides while remaining professional enough for school or work wear.


Punk hair doesn’t always need to be wild and over the top. A classic pomp with a high fade can create an effortlessly dapper look suitable for business or casual events. Combine it with bold lip color and kohl liner for optimal effect.

While most punk looks to focus on colors and textures, bleached strands can make just as big an impression.

Take this lilac pixie with a matching undercut, for instance – its soft wash of color starkly contrasts its intricate details! Perfect for rocker girls.

If you want a dramatic style, try the Liberty Spike with a shaved side.

Inspired by the iconic spikes on Lady Liberty’s statue, this hairstyle shows your rebellious side while showing your independent streak. A strong-hold styling product may be necessary when trying this lookout, but the results will surely impress your peers!

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawks are ideal for men looking to experiment with punk style but need more time to be ready for a full haircut. Combining elements from mohawks and fades creates an original and stylish hairstyle, ideal for any special event or formal gathering.

If you have long, wavy hair, try styling it into a faux hawk for an eye-catching rockstar coif.

Add brightly colored streaks for even more significant impact and create something truly distinctive and eye-catching!

Punk began its rise during the 1970s with music, then expanded into literature, art, movies, fashion, and other aspects of pop culture.

This movement challenged social norms by embodying nonconformity and DIY ethos; punk hairstyles reflect these values ideally – they allow you to show your rebellious side while at the same time being practical. If you’re ready to try the punk look, speak to your stylist about how best to achieve it.