5 Protein Hair Masks You Can Make at Home

Protein treatment for hair can be found inside the salon and at home using ingredients in your kitchen. DIY home remedies offer ways to achieve healthier locks, from essential egg and yogurt masks to advanced gelatin treatments.


Eggs are packed with protein, making them ideal for creating an egg white hair mask. Egg whites help strengthen and prevent hair fall while yolks provide nourishment and moisturize dry or dull locks. To create one, whisk eggs in a bowl, then apply to the scalp and strands for 20 minutes before washing off with cold water.

Add lemon or orange juice and egg whites for an enriched hair mask that will provide deep nourishment while brightening and adding shine to your tresses. Honey can also be a natural conditioner that reduces frizz for healthy locks.

Mixing eggs with yogurt for a hair mask that will enhance health is another effective method of using eggs for healthy locks. Yogurt contains plenty of proteins to benefit the health of your locks, while its high concentration of lactic acid content provides cleansing benefits that remove dead skin cells and cleanse the scalp.

Make a simple yogurt and egg hair mask by mixing several teaspoons of plain yogurt with one or two eggs, and applying to your locks for approximately 30 minutes before rinsing off with cool water.

Be wary when using raw eggs in any recipe, as they may contain salmonella, which could result in food poisoning. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after handling raw eggs, and only incorporate them into recipes that won’t come in direct contact with your scalp or face.


Yogurt is not only delicious but also an effective remedy for various hair issues. The combination of its lactic acid and protein components provides essential benefits in maintaining a healthy scalp environment, and stimulating hair growth, and is used to prevent and cure dandruff. Yogurt may even thicken strands! So if you want a great way to give your locks some TLC, consider giving a yogurt hair mask a try!

Various yogurt hair masks on the market help you reach your hair care goals, like OGX’s 10 Miracle Hair Mask from Amazon.com. It contains vital wheat protein that nourishes and hydrates your strands for lasting moisture in your locks. Use it weekly for maximum benefits!

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