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Features: Try Out Quiet Professional hair Clippers Set – Cordless rechargeable, Professional hair Clipper Set for men and babies, cordless rechargeable, Professional hair Clipper Set with Butterfly Exhaust. This set comes with 6 piece styling comb set, styling comb, one sponge and three blades. The clippers are cordless rechargeable, which means they have to be placed on a recharger. The rechargeable batteries in professional clipper sets last longer because they can work even when there is no sun. The professional clipper set has a replaceable sponge, which means it cannot be worn out and will not damage that. The professional hair clippers set has a chrome finish, which gives it an attractive appearance.

Professional hair Clippers Set With Chrome Detail Trimmer

Professional hair cutting clipper set with chrome detail trimmer: This professional hair clippers set featuring a professional hair clippers with a detail trimmers is the perfect styling accessory for all occasions. This is perfect for anything you require for an effective hair cut at the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a professional hairdresser or you’re cutting your own hair at home, this useful set of professional hair cutting tools will suit all your requirements. The chrome detailing on this cutting accessories makes it suitable for all styling needs whether it’s the trimming of the eyebrows, face shaping, or any other design.

Professional Hair Clipper Set – Rounded Corners, Longer Hair


Features: Try quiet professional hair clippers set cordless rechargeable hair cutting clippers for babies and men using lithium batteries. The cordless rechargeable hair cutting clippers are very convenient, lightweight and quick to perform its function. The professional hair clippers set features: