Top 5 Professional Black Male Hairstyles

Black Men with Full Dreads and Fade Haircut

Styling full dreads with a faded haircut can create a stylish and bold look. However, it requires bravery and commitment to maintain this style. Regular maintenance, including dedicating time and effort, is necessary to keep the dreads looking their best.

Box Braids for a Bolder Style

For a more daring look, consider getting box braids. These braids provide protection and look amazing when styled upwards with hair gel.

Managing and Styling Afro hair

Maintaining and styling Afro hair can be challenging due to its tight and curly nature. Regular trims are essential to keep it hydrated, prevent breakage, and detangle it with wide-tooth combs. While combing or twisting out the afro is optional, doing so can add structure and definition, although it may cause damage. Braiding and twisting the afro into puffs with a twisted halo can create an elegant and sophisticated appearance, as seen with Viola Davis.

Classic and Modern Military Hairstyles

The classic regulation cut is a clean, sharp military hairstyle that suits various face shapes. It can be styled into a side part or a quiff for a modern look. Alternatively, Ivy League styles offer low-maintenance options for black hair, combining a stylish appearance with a buzz-cut look.

Stylish Mohawk Variations

The Mohawk hairstyle can be an attractive option for those with long, thick hair. Regular grooming is necessary to keep it neat and sophisticated. A modern twist on the Mohawk is the Dread-style Mohawk, which utilizes curly or coily locks by twisting them into dreads and spiking them upward with hair pomade. This style is bold and ideal for showcasing individuality.

Striking Cornrows

Cornrows are an iconic braid style that can be worn in various ways, including adding beads or other embellishments and working well with any hair length. Cornrows appear particularly striking on those with blonde locks, as the color brightens the overall style and adds dimension. An asymmetrical braiding technique can provide a unique and eye-catching look that frames the face and draws attention to the eyes.

Enhancing Curls for Volume

Curls can add volume and a youthful appearance and are often easier to manage than straight hair. Consider styling your circles into a high ponytail or bun, and add cute bobby pins for a finishing touch. If you have long hair, a low bun that grazes your collarbones can create a classic style suitable for professional events.

Timeless Wet Look

The wet look is a classic hairstyle that suits men with any hair length and texture. A center or side part works well, and for a 90s flair, a zig-zag parting with gel or pomade can create an exciting effect. Remember to apply these products to slightly damp hair for the desired wet look, and use strong-hold hairspray to keep the style in place.

Fohawk Fade with Beard

Fohawk fades with beards add an edgy vibe to your appearance. This style involves shaving the sides of your head while leaving some hair length at the crown. It exudes a rugged masculinity that can be enhanced with textured salt sprays or wax for a more informal and messy look. This versatile style is suitable for any dress code.