Pretty Proper hair Blowouts

Blowouts are timeless trends, making a comeback every few years or so. Their classic look makes your locks natural yet sleek and perfect for work or a night on the town. They are also easy to maintain at home with professional help.

With just a few tweaks, like using a smoothing product before blow drying, sleeping on a silk pillowcase, and employing lightweight hairspray, you can extend the longevity of your blowout from hours to even weeks!


hair tends to return thinner and sparser after waxing as it’s pulled directly from its source, weakening it over time. However, be cautious of overwaxing, as over-irritated skin could result in ingrown hairs!


Neatly painted nails enhance an individual’s appearance and can, boost confidence levels and prevent nail breakage. Regular manicures can help ensure nail health is at its best and prevent potential breakages.

This type of manicure resembles traditional polish and requires acetone to remove. It lasts approximately one week and doesn’t harm natural nail health as much. Its application at home makes it an excellent solution for those with fragile or brittle nails.


Pedicures include foot soaking, exfoliation, nail trimming/shaping, and polish application, often with a soothing lotion application. An effective pedicure should include a foot massage to ease tension-filled feet and lower legs.

To ensure optimal results, be punctual for your appointment. Arriving late means your therapist has to rush, which could result in less-than-stellar results. Additionally, ensure that the salon provides clean tools.