Pretty Girls With Brown Hair

Girls with brown hair look absolutely stunning with loose, tousled locks that shimmer under sunlight. This hue does not need bleach and will instantly enhance any complexion. Your deep natural hue will come alive if it’s enhanced with face-framing highlights a few shades lighter. This combination works best on warm skin tones.


Pretty girls with brown hair have much to offer the world. Not only can they match up to their blonde counterparts in talent and charisma, but their darker hues often come across more as brunettes on-screen – for instance Megan Fox has stunning dark chocolate brown locks that lean almost red but still count as brunette hair color. Her movie career began in 2001 with the romantic comedy Holiday in the Sun; however, she’s best-known for her role as the ethereal robot Transformers. She boasts stunning brown long and curly hair – which complements both her facial structure and eyes beautifully; its fullness adds even more lusciousness. Aside from acting and singing she is also well known fashion model/singer and cover model for several magazines including Vogue; additionally she is face for several major beauty brands!


At first, pretty girls with brown hair may seem somewhat reserved in relationships. This may be because they prefer to observe and analyze the behavior of potential partners before making a definitive decision about them. They respect sex as something fundamental, yet are eager to explore ways of expanding it into an ever more satisfying experience for both parties involved. Literature, music, and other pastimes that contribute to their personal growth are beloved activities for these intellectual people. Intellectual people also appreciate those who show respect for their opinion. Relationally, they seek out partners who will support them both emotionally and financially. They disdain those who take without giving back or seek to gain advantage without giving anything back in return. While they love children, some may not always be ready for them just yet. Furthermore, these women can be susceptible to jealousy, easily getting annoyed by those who make her uncomfortable.


Although no relationship exists between an individual’s IQ level and hair color, some scientists believe that brunettes are smarter than blondes based on stereotyping alone. Women with brown hair tend to be well-mannered individuals that strive hard to meet their goals the right way, which explains their success in both professional and domestic environments. Furthermore, these ladies make excellent housewives and mothers; family is of the utmost importance and any form of betrayal or lying will not be tolerated by them. To attract a brunette woman, it’s essential that you demonstrate genuine interest. She will quickly spot any differences between genuineness and fakery; therefore it is crucial that you are as honest as possible in all conversations with her. Furthermore, your body language when talking should be relaxed yet confident so as to give her an environment in which they feel secure – this way your actions will become even more successful in seducing her.