Pretty Dark Hair Colors For Brunettes

If you’re a brunette, don’t be intimidated to experiment with color! Here are some ideas for beautiful hair colors that will complement your dark locks:

Duckie Thot’s Espresso Shade

Duckie Thot’s rich espresso shade features cool-tone babylights for an eye-catching look that complements cool skin tones beautifully. To add more dimension and shine to your brown locks, use highlighter. However, bleaching should only be done by professional stylists for safety purposes.

Rose Gold

Rose gold can make a beautiful statement in dark locks. This color can be achieved whether your client is already blonde or wants to lighten their locks through bleaching or coloring. To maintain vibrant hues for longer, use a shampoo and conditioner designed for dyed hair. Rose gold balayage highlights are a subtle way to achieve rose tones. Concentrate them around the face before becoming lighter toward the back of the head. This style looks especially lovely with soft wavy tresses worn in half up hairstyles. Lucy Hale’s stunning rose gold locks may only be temporary tint, yet their beauty still speaks for itself! It’s an excellent way for brunettes who want a pop of color without bleaching their entire locks.

Cherry Cola

Unleash your inner soda addict with this cherry brown shade. Its vibrant tone will help you stand out. This hue pairs perfectly with dark brown locks with red undertones. Medium cool brown is an all-year style staple that works beautifully on many skin tones. In summertime, its warmth becomes especially inviting thanks to honey gold highlights.


When looking to experiment with darker hues, consider a brown-black shade such as espresso. Its reflective and mesmerizing hue make this tone stand out while remaining neutral enough to suit most skin tones. Mocha is a neutral bronde hair color with subtle warm red undertones that pairs perfectly with both blonde and brunette hair colors. Mila Kunis’ caramel babylights add an air of sophistication and pair perfectly with her warm complexion. Enjoy playing around with this gorgeous shade season after season!


Caramel is an attractive shade to add dimension and depth to dark locks. It provides a warm yet low-maintenance way of lightening dark hair that looks more natural than going blonde. Make an eye-catching statement with caramel-hued locks by using balayage to add a natural transition between darker base to lighter highlights. Try something trendy like chestnut brown with caramel highlights for an eye-catching style that stands out.

Medium Cool Brown

Chestnut brown hair color is an exquisite shade that complements cool tones or olive skin tones. It brings out gray and green pigmentation in blue eyes. Dark honey melt brown is an exquisite warm brown hue that looks fabulous on all skin tones. Aubrey Plaza recently made headlines for her brief experiment as a platinum blonde. She chose an ombre technique for lightening them gradually over time.