Pretty Dark hair Colors

Why have so many celebrities and influencers turned to dark hues? Simply put, it looks stunning no matter the occasion.

Warm brown hues with orange or red undertones complement those with warm skin tones, while cool tones such as mocha brown are suitable for those with cool complexions.

Dark Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is a rich and warm hue that suits any skin tone beautifully, making it the ideal option for anyone wanting a change. Wavy hair works particularly well when styled into a voluminous bob, with this color option giving off a sophisticated yet feminine vibe.

If you’re a brunette looking to update their look, add highlights using the balayage technique for an unnoticeable blend that looks natural. Babylights in either blonde or reddish tones work beautifully when added subtly over dark chocolate hues for an attractive result.

Add caramel highlights for an eye-catching contrast that instantly brightens up your strands! Warm and light hues combine beautifully to produce stunning results that transform any look.

Espresso Brown

Espresso sits comfortably between brown and black hues, offering rich and sensuous depths to all skin tones. As an easy, low-maintenance option, this color choice works particularly well when your roots remain lighter than your base shade; to achieve this look, use TRESemme Root Touchup (Black) spray to cover any stray gray strands.

If you want a bit of red in your dark brown locks, try adding some burgundy; its wine-red undertones make for a gorgeous summery glow that works beautifully with any brunette complexion. Pair this hue with natural espresso shades and butter baby lights for the best possible look!

If you have highlights over a dark brown base, they may fade to brassy hues over time. To prevent this from happening, invest in a color-refreshing shampoo like INVIGO Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Shampoo to keep them vibrantly hued.

Caramel Brown

Caramel brown is an appealing shade with either golden or reddish undertones, perfect for adding depth of color without becoming overpoweringly bright.

Chestnut caramel hues create striking, eye-catching locks. Lighten your strands subtly using techniques such as balayage or babylights, or go all out and transform your locks into buttery caramel locks!

Ask your stylist to use the balayage technique to create soft ribbons of caramel hair. This allows your lighter strands to grow naturally without harsh lines of demarcation – plus, it looks beautiful when combined with a layered bob!

Rose Gold

As a rosey peach blonde hue, this shade complements almost every skin tone and works equally well with short, choppy cuts or loose locks. Plus, it’s easy upkeep since it only goes a little light too fast without bleaching need.

If your brunettes want to try the trend, consider dyeing their strands with rose gold highlights that pop against their natural blonde base. That way, they can test out what it’s like without making an irrevocable commitment to going full-head pink!

Rose gold balayage can also be an elegant choice for dark blondes. It adds sophisticated shimmer to blonde strands that beautifully complement brown hues. Be sure to inform your clients that this shade may only last for a short time, so they should schedule regular touchup appointments.

Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola is ideal for women looking for an understated dark red hue without going too bright. It is similar to orange in intensity but darker and, therefore, more flattering on black or brunette hair. Additionally, Cherry Cola requires far fewer touchups than its bright counterparts!

Pale skin tones may also benefit from this hue, which sits next to yellow on the color wheel. It looks incredibly stunning in an adorable bob or among long-haired individuals looking to change their style.

To keep your Cherry Cola hair color looking its best, use a shampoo and conditioner designed to care for colored locks. Additionally, apply a deep conditioning mask at least once every week and wear a hat when spending time outside – both will keep it vibrant!