Pretty Colored hair For Professionals

Balayage with Peekaboo Highlights:

To showcase vibrant colored hair at work, ask your colorist to create a balayage with peekaboo highlights.

Teddy Bear Blonde Trend:

Combine warm golden tones and cool pinks for a soft pastel palette called the Teddy Bear Blonde trend. This option is easy on the eyes and can be professional.

Platinum Blonde Highlights in a Bob Haircut:

Make a lasting impression with platinum blonde highlights in your bob haircut. This icy hue enhances face shape and pairs nicely with fair skin tones. Add ash blonde shades for additional dimension and a more dramatic effect.

Brown to Platinum Ombre:

For a more natural look, try a brown to platinum ombre hairstyle. This style softens the transition and seamlessly integrates with your biological dark roots.

Daenerys Targaryen-inspired Elegant Blunt Bob:

Draw inspiration from famous TV shows like Game of Thrones to achieve an elegant blunt bob with platinum blonde tones. Add beachy waves or texture spray for a more sensual look.

Eye-catching Plum Blonde:

Plum is an eye-catching purple hue with both cool and warm undertones that works well on all skin tones. Try lighter versions like lavender or lilac for a unique look.

Dramatic Dark Plum Shades:

Medium complexions can enjoy the dramatic effect of dark plum shades with raspberry-red undertones. This lovely hue makes natural hair color stand out while still suitable for professional situations.

Pastel Pink Ombre for Brunettes:

Brunettes can wear pastel pink hues with pride. Create a sweet and feminine look by pairing pastel pink with fades into peach tones. This low-maintenance ombre style is ideal for medium-length locks.

Effortlessly Natural-looking Pink locks:

Take inspiration from Fernanda Ly and her gorgeous pink locks. Her ombre pink-to-blonde shade looks so natural it nearly passes for natural hair color.

Gradual Blending Effect for Pastel Pink:

When dyeing your hair pastel pink, start at the roots for a gradual blending effect that’s easier to maintain. This method allows the seeds to remain lighter than the rest of the hair.

Dreamy Rose Blonde:

Try the dreamy rose gold trend by choosing a creamy chocolate color with a rosy sheen. This shade works well with all complexions and complements choppy and wavy hairstyles.

Light Rose Brown Highlights:

Light rose brown highlights are a beautiful addition to platinum or buttery blonde locks, particularly if the hue has cool blue undertones. They also work well for natural blondes with toffee or amber tones.

Understated Rose Gold Highlights:

For a more subtle approach to colored hair, ask your stylist to add rose gold highlights. These highlights create an eye-catching pop of color while remaining more subdued than traditional dyeing options.