Premier Lace Wigs Review

Premier Lace Wigs

Premier Lace Wigs is an esteemed online store that provides superior-grade lace wigs and hair extensions at unbeatably competitive prices. Their customer service and fast shipping have won them praise from customers across the board.

Crystal Lace

Crystal lace is an emerging material touted to be more durable than other types of lace materials. It has quickly gained favor with wig wearers after YouTubers reviewed reversible lace wigs constructed using it.

French Lace is one of the most commonly used types of Lace found in wigs, offering your scalp space to breathe while remaining durable and adapting quickly to natural hairlines. It is available in various flesh hues, with tinting options depending on your complexion.

Swiss Lace is slightly thicker and more robust, making it the ideal option for beginners or those who wear lace wigs regularly. It suits full and Lace front wigs and is favored in high ponytails or buns. Available in multiple widths and densities, it offers optimal wearability.

Swiss Lace

Swiss Lace is considered the go-to wig lace material due to its soft yet sturdy construction, easy application process, and compatibility with all skin tones. It is more affordable than other options and can be found on lace front wigs, 360 lace wigs, and closure wigs. Beginners should start with Swiss Lace before exploring options like HD lace.

Crystal Lace

Crystal lace, newly released to the market, is considered more durable and less detectable than other wig materials. It gained popularity after Genius Wigs released their 2-in-1 Reversible hair Style featuring crystal lace. YouTubers posted reviews praising its quality improvement. Crystal lace human hair wigs offer undetectability on all skin tones and are lightweight, making them beginner-friendly.

HD Lace

HD lace, also known as transparent or illusion Lace, is an updated version of Swiss Lace that is thinner and more transparent. It requires special care due to its transparency and can experience shedding issues. Maintenance and styling of an HD lace wig involve washing with lukewarm water and small amounts of hair conditioner, followed by pat drying with a clean towel.